NEC Global Reach

Since NEC's inception in the UK in 1993, it has seen a steady growth of international use as governments and private contractors alike see the benefits of contracts designed to stimulate good management and a collaborative rather than adversarial approach.

NEC continues to support this international growth with training programmes and events for new adopters. The NEC Users' Groups also have members worldwide and allow for easy knowledge sharing and are a wealth of resources for new or potential NEC users.

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United Kingdom

First time using NEC?

Introductory Trial Pack

NEC is offering tailored support to companies and organisations looking to adopt the contract suite. Each pack is unique based on the organisational needs.

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NEC eLearning

NEC elearning training

NEC eLearning training enables you to gain a comprehensive and clear understanding of our suite of contracts at any time, anywhere in the world, at your own pace.

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