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November 17, 2021

New NEC Practice Note - Including the Living Wage in the NEC4 Facilities Management Contract (FMC)

New NEC Practice Note - Including the Living Wage in the NEC4 Facilities Management Contract (FMC)

NEC, alongside the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM) and the Living Wage Foundation, are pleased to present this latest guidance on incorporating the living wage into an NEC4 Facilities Management Contract (FMC).

This practice note is written to highlight the importance of paying the Living Wage throughout the supply chain. It is particularly appropriate for contracts which include the provision of ‘soft services’ such as cleaning and security.

Organisations in the workplace and facilities management profession are increasingly focused on the differences they can make in areas such as wellbeing, comfort, flexibility and accessibility, for the people who work, live and stay in buildings of all types. While pay is not the only driver for workers, it is a major source of concern, especially for those delivering frontline services. Improving pay not only supports individuals and their families, but can also benefit an organisation’s bottom line and local communities.

The Living Wage Foundation announced the latest living wage rates earlier this week, and has a broad range of employers accredited with them, including half of the FTSE 100 and big household names including Nationwide, Google, Brewdog, Everton FC and Chelsea FC.

This practice note explains how the living wage would be implemented in an NEC4 FMC. However, consideration of changes to the Living Wage may relate to other NEC4 contracts and these principles will still apply to those contracts.

View or download the practice note here.

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