NEC: Project Support Services and Consultancy

We offer a range of project support and consultancy services to users and project management teams. Our experts are on hand to provide guidance, advice and assistance.

Our services are now available in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong.
Contact us to find out more:

t: +44 (0)20 7665 2446

Get the support you need from the experts that developed the NEC suite of contracts.

We offer specific project support services as well as general consultancy on NEC contracts. We have a team of consultants, both NEC4 drafters and others selected by NEC for their skills and expertise, who can offer independent support and guidance on a specific project or to a team / organisation on general NEC use and processes. If you would like to speak to one of our consultants, please give us a call today to discuss how we can help:

+44 (0)20 7665 2446


Expert Z clause advice and review

Whether you are compiling or bidding for an NEC Contract, it is essential to get the starting point right. NEC offers advice and support to help you get high-quality additional conditions of contract to benefit all parties. 

Not sure whether a particular requirement should be a Z clause or stated instead in the Works Information / Service Information / Scope? Would you like to talk through the implications of your proposed Z clauses to contract parties? Do you need some assistance understanding the risk to your organisation of certain Z clauses?

For document compliers, we can:

  • Help you define your particular requirements and determine how best to incorporate them
  • Carry out an independent review of your Z clauses and provide detialed commentary for your consideration
  • Advise on potential content including the preparation of flow charts and additional guidance

For bidders, we can:

  • Review the implications to you of the tender documents
  • Help you create documentation for use with your supply chain.


Reviewing your NEC tender documents

Whether you are compiling or bidding for an NEC Contract, it is essential to get the starting point right. NEC offers a complete tender document review service, to help you get the most out of your tender documents, both parties will benefit from having a high quality tender document in place. 

Not sure how to complete all of the provisions of the Contract Data? Would you like to talk through the implications of your proposed activity schedule? Need some assistance starting off writing your Works Information / Service Information / Scope?

Our independent NEC experts can work with you on the following:
For document compliers, we can:

  • Complete or review your Contract Data part one
  • Help you to develop a project or organisational template for creating the brief to your tenderers (Works Information/Service Information/Scope)
  • Carry out an independent review of your tender documentation, including z clauses and provide detailed commentary for your consideration

For bidders, we can:

  • Help with understanding/completing Contract Data part two – including Working Areas, Risk Register, Works Information, design particulars, programme & assessing Fee percentages
  • Review the implications to you of any client z clauses or other document information
  • Help you create or just review your pricing documents.

NEC3 Training

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Discover our range of classroom, online and bespoke NEC3 training solutions, with everything from introductory courses to accreditation for NEC professionals.

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NEC4 suite of contracts

The NEC4 suite of contracts is an evolution of NEC3. It reflects procurement and project management developments and emerging best practice, with improvements in flexibility, clarity and the ease of administration.

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