Green Build Hub (GBH)

Value: £1.4m

NEC3 contracts/options used: ECC Option A

Start-finish dates: Oct 2014 – July 2015

Main project team members: Employer: Cornwall Sustainable Buildings Trust (CSBT) Project Manager, Quantity surveyor, BREEAM, CDM: Ward Williams Associates Contractor: Gilbert & Goode Architect: PBWC M&E: Hoare Lea

Scope and significance of project:

GBH is a new sustainable construction centre on the Eden Project site and part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). As well as providing research, development and training facilities for the green building industry, the £1.4m building will serve as a benchmark for sustainable design, procurement, construction and operation, becoming a ‘living laboratory’. GBH had an overarching agenda of sustainability, incorporating training/research throughout the design/construction process, extending to the local supply chain and 'Collaborators'. Training Workshops were held for the project team, collaborators and stakeholders, including; Thomas Telford NEC Training, BIM, BREEAM, Value Management, sustainable technology and on-site air testing demonstrations. Through innovative procurement and construction the project achieved BREEAM ‘Outstanding’, within a budget set for ‘Excellent’. Delivered on-time/in budget, the NEC Contract was significant in this achievement.

Please detail how you demonstrated collaboration on your project:

CSBT focus on promoting sustainable construction in Cornwall through training/research, therefore, it was important that GBH was more than just ‘a building’. As a result we selected a long two-stage procurement process to allow teams to build relationships of trust, cooperation and collaboration, to: • Support local construction market; • Deliver training; • Deliver true values; • Encourage project awareness; • Create models for use on future projects; • Value for money.

Two tools used to demonstrate project success were a value measuring process (VAMP) and BREEAM: 1. Developed by Michael Dallas, VAMP measures the delivery of values, not confined to cost/time. At Planning, we held a one day workshop to identify CSBT’s true values. The values identified were ‘Collaboration’, ‘Influential’, ‘Resource Efficiency’, ‘Healthy Workspace’, ‘Practical Evolutionary Model’, ‘CSBT Training/Office Space’ and ‘Accessibility’. These had quantitative measures applied, which allowed CSBT to score delivery of their values. Maximum score is 1,000 and a 850+ score considered ‘Excellent’. Our score at handover was 898. 2. BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ was introduced in 2008 as a new exemplar standard for sustainable developments. An 85% score must be achieved, compared to 70% for ‘Excellent’. ERDF impose BREEAM on all projects and funding is set following assessment.

 GBH was funded on the basis of achieving BREEAM ‘Excellent’. We set our aspiration as ‘Outstanding’. High priority was given to bringing all parties together early, to understand the process and how cost/time effective green construction is. The GBH BREEAM score is to be submitted at 90+%. We have achieved BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ for the price of ‘Excellent’, through good procurement practice, collaboration and project management, including the NEC Contract. NEC was selected as it has similarities with the GBH ethos of flexibility, clarity and simplicity, a stimulus to good management, promoting proactive procurement and professional learning. NEC workshops brought the team together and by discussing processes/best practice, we created trust/cooperation that ran throughout construction. On site the NEC supported delivering GBH on time/in budget and allowed us to report clearly to the ERDF.


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