CDM, BIM and design matters with NEC


17 September 2015

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Although the designer isn’t a term specifically stated in NEC3 contracts, design is of course an essential element.

Some recent changes to UK CDM have been made and BIM remains a key initiative in UK Government improvement agenda – so what are these and how are they allowed for in NEC3 contracts?

This free event looked at how the designer may interact in the various contracts awarded for a project.

With particular focus on the NEC3 Professional Services Contract (PSC) provisions, this webinar covers:

  • What is design, BIM & CDM?
  • How are these included for in the Scope and what changes have come about to these recently?
  • Which NEC3 contracts are relevant for designers?
  • What role does the designer play in NEC3 contracts and why is this important?
  • Providing for design, BIM & CDM in other NEC3 contracts
  • A live Questions and Answers session
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Joining Rob Gerrard, NEC Users’ Group Secretary is BIM specialist Steph Yeadon, Director at Stradia, and Mark Davies, CDM Manager at Mott MacDonald.  

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