NEC: Enhancing performance through collaboration webinar

28 March 2018

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Collaboration throughout the project delivery can result in waste reduction, fewer claims, higher motivation, and therefore, cost savings. It enables projects to be delivered on time and on budget.
Nonetheless, this depends as much on people’s behaviours and mindset, than on the contract itself.
How can parties better collaborate? Are there any tools that enable collaboration? How can a project truly benefit from improved collaboration?
Simon Vaughan and Robert Gerrard will be discussing collaboration and collaborative behaviours at this upcoming NEC webinar. They will discuss:
  • What is collaboration
  • The collaboration journey so far in the civil engineering and infrastructure space
  • The benefits of collaboration and how to achieve them– what have people actually seen and experienced
  • Planning and preparing for collaboration
  • Enablers and tools for collaboration
  • Risk mitigation and minimising the inhibitors of collaboration
  • How adopting collaboration helps make the NEC contract more effective/efficient

Watch recording below:

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