NEC and the Weather Webinar

28 April 2015

A webinar with the Met Office


A significant problem in many construction contracts is the inherent subjectivity in judging to what extent a weather event is exceptionally adverse. Disruption from adverse weather conditions may affect working conditions, lead to lost time, and compromise worker safety.

The NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) uses weather data and meteorological expertise to give a more precise definition of when an exceptional weather event has occurred. With solid statistical evidence derived from Met Office observations both parties can agree on whether a particular month contains a compensation event.

Hear from John Faragher, Met Office and Rob Gerrard, NEC Users' Group Secretary:

Topics covered:

  • How to complete the weather measurements part of the Contact Data
  • Where the nearest Met Office is that records NEC data
  • What data is available to users whilst they are tendering
  • How the Met Office goes about calculating the 1-in-10
  • What the contract says about the threshold for a weather compensation event
  • What users need to do to get this data from the Met Office


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