NEC4 DBO Contract: a whole-life delivery solution webinar

20 September 2017

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NEC4 has introduced a new addition to the suite of contracts: the NEC4 Design Build and Operate Contract (DBO). It has been developed in response to the increasing demand for contracts where there is a single point responsible not only for the operation of an asset, but also the development and construction of all or a significant part of the asset.
The NEC4 DBO Contract allows Clients to engage a Contractor to operate and manage the asset, be it a building, production unit, road or water network, and have the design and build element at any stage of the operational lifecycle.
This webinar will introduce you to the new NEC4 Design Build and Operate Contract (DBO) and it will cover:
  • What is the new NEC4 DBO Contract
  • When you would use this contract
  • How the DBO Contract fits with the other NEC4 contracts 
  • Underlying principles of the NEC4 DBO Contract
  • The roles of the parties in the contract
  • The contract strategy
  • An overview of the flexibility and complexities of the pricing and performance mechanisms: the Price List, the Performance Table and the Operational Requirements


Ross Hayes
NEC4 Drafter
Robert Gerrard
NEC Users' Group Secretary and NEC4 Drafter
Ross is a consultant with Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP. He advises clients, particularly in the public and housing sectors, on contract procurement and strategy and more specifically on the development of their NEC contracts
Ross is also a tutor with Thomas Telford on the NEC contracts. He has been involved in the development of most of the recent contracts in the NEC suite and also co-authored many of the flowcharts. He has particular experience of the Term Service Contract having worked to develop one of the first TSC contracts using the early consultative version, and has subsequently advised on its use throughout the housing, energy, facilities management and highways sectors.
He is a Chartered Civil Engineer and a member of the Association for Project Management.
Rob specialises in procurement and project management and is also involved in extensive NEC training and consultancy work.   
Rob is experienced in financial control, contract preparation and administration, including the consideration, evaluation and resolution of contractual claims mainly in civil engineering projects.
He is an Examiner for the ICE Law & Contract Procedure he has also held the position of NEC Users’ Group Secretary from 2006 to date.
His publications include NEC2 and NEC3 Compared, 2005, as well as drafting the NEC3 Professional Services Short Contract guidance notes, some of the flow charts and ‘How to…’ guides.
Robert was also a part of the working group who drafted the NEC3 April 2013 suite of contracts and the recently announced NEC4 suite.

Watch recording below: 

Download presentation slides here.

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