NEC4 Service Contracts: how have they changed?

A discussion on changes that are special to the service contracts

15 November 2017 

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There are now seven service contracts in the NEC4 suite, and like all the works and supply forms there have been a number of common changes to them to maintain the consistent NEC4 approach. But there have also been some significant changes that only apply to these contracts.

This webinar will consider briefly the overall common changes, but it will concentrate on these significant changes.  It will look at the two main forms in some detail – the Term Service Contract (TSC) and the Professional Service Contract (PSC), considering issues such as:
  • Task orders
  • Accounting periods
  • The new schedules of cost components
  • New X options
  • The introduction of the service manager into the PSC

It will also briefly discuss the other service contracts:
Ben Walker and Ross Hayes were part of the NEC4 drafting team, and they were directly involved in the drafting of the service contracts.

Join this session to find out how these contracts have changed, why they have changed and the impact the changes may have on you as you look to use them.



Ross Hayes
NEC4 Drafter
Ben Walker
NEC4 drafter
Ross is a consultant with Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP. He advises clients, particularly in the public and housing sectors, on contract procurement and strategy and more specifically on the development of their NEC contracts
Ross is also a tutor on the NEC contracts. He has been involved in the development of most of the recent contracts in the NEC suite and also co-authored many of the flowcharts. He has particular experience of the Term Service Contract having worked to develop one of the first TSC contracts using the early consultative version, and has subsequently advised on its use throughout the housing, energy, facilities management and highways sectors. He is a Chartered Civil Engineer and a member of the Association for Project Management.
Ben has 16 years’ experience working within the construction industry on a variety of construction and maintenance contracts. In 2005 Ben founded the cloud‐based CEMAR system, currently administering over £50 billion of the UK’s strategic infrastructure programmes.
Ben is an NEC4 drafter and consultant. He has lectured extensively on NEC since 2008 as a tutor for Thomas Telford Limited. Since 2012 Ben has worked as an examiner for the ICE Law and Contracts Management Examinations.
Ben has a degree in civil engineering and is an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

Watch the recording below:

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