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September 20, 2017

Helping switch to NEC4

Helping switch to NEC4

Following the release of the new NEC4 suite of contracts, NEC is launching a range of new support and training products in the forthcoming months to help NEC3 users start making the transition to NEC4.

There are now two new online training modules comparing NEC3 with NEC4 – one for works contracts carried out under the Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) and one for services procured under the Term Service Contract (TSC) and Professional Service/s Contract (PSC). The modules will look at the general changes across the suite and then focus on specific contract differences. 

A new book entitled NEC3 and NEC4 Compared by NEC Users’ Group secretary Robert Gerrard is also available, covering the differences between the NEC3 ECC and NEC4 ECC on a clause-by-clause basis.

new NEC4 courses

NEC has already launched and had great feedback from its first face-to-face NEC4 training modules, which are introductory courses for the NEC4 ECC, TSC and Design Build and Operate Contract (DBO). The NEC4 PSC introductory course is now available and the Supply Contract (SC) one will be available to book later in the year. 

In addition, new courses to extend NEC3 professional accreditation to NEC4 will also be available soon, starting with the ECC Project Manager Accreditation Extension.

Finally, NEC can support individual user organisations through its consultancy services. A visiting member of the NEC drafting team can help an organisation determine what has changed in the NEC contracts it uses, how this impacts on organisational processes and what should be done differently to transfer to NEC4. An action plan can be developed for people, systems and organisational behaviour. 
POSTED BY Elizabeth Brookfield, NEC Product Manager
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