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May 16, 2017

NEC Australasia Users’ Group publishes 2017 events programme

NEC Australasia Users’ Group  publishes 2017 events programme The NEC Australasia Users’ Group steering group has published its programme for 2017 against a backdrop for a strong start to construction in New Zealand. The industry is performing particularly well around Auckland, where supply-side strains are beginning to show. This is further complicated by growth in housebuilding and a series of business and client reorganisations. 

Key NEC projects are progressing well on New Zealand’s South Island. These include the £72 million Christchurch Town Hall post-earthquake refurbishment (see Issue 83), to which the Users’ Group is arranging a site visit on 24 May. The visit to this well-loved and iconic landmark building in the rapidly changing central business district is being facilitated by client Christchurch City Council, contractor Hawkins and the New Zealand Construction Clients’ Group.

Supporting alliances

The highlight of the 2017 programme is the NEC Australasian Users’ Group conference. This is currently scheduled for the third quarter of 2017 – the exact date will be announced shortly. 

There will be two strong themes and a world-class keynote speaker. Firstly, the arrival of the new NEC4 suite of contracts will be reviewed by industry experts in detail. They will compare NEC4 to NEC3 and local contract forms, discuss what it will mean for the region and introduce some practical tools. 

Secondly, New Zealand’s strong alliance culture – especially within the infrastructure sector – means the Users’ Group is looking to engage significantly with the government on the proposed NEC4 Alliance Contract. This consultative form will be reviewed in detail at the forthcoming conference.

Sessions and workshops
Other events planned include afternoon sessions in August and half-day workshops in October/ November. Overall, it is looking set to be a great year ahead, building on our steady progress to date.  

POSTED BY Tim Warren, NEC Australasia Users' Group Secretary
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