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April 13, 2018

New NEC Practice note: how to use the CIC BIM protocol with NEC4

New NEC Practice note: how to use the CIC BIM protocol with NEC4

On 10 April 2018,the Construction Industry Council (CIC) published the Second Edition Building Information Modelling (BIM) Protocol.

The first protocol was originally published in 2013, and it has now been reviewed to reflect current practices and new standards published.

Peter Higgins, Chair of the NEC4 Contract Board, presented at CIC’s launch and introduced the new guidance for using the BIM Protocol with NEC4 contracts.

The Practice Note is entitled “How to use the CIC BIM Protocol with NEC4” and is available here.

Integrating BIM into NEC Contracts webinar

Following this launch, NEC is also announcing a webinar session to look at how to use BIM with NEC contracts. This webinar will be presented by Ian  Heaphy, NEC4 Contract Board, and Richard Patterson, Procurement & NEC Specialist at Mott MacDonald.

The online session will be on 6 June 2018, at 13:00 BST, and it will cover:
  • NEC approach to Information Modelling in NEC3 and use of version 1 of the CIC Protocol
  • NEC4 X10 Information Modelling
  • NEC4 X10 and version 2 of the CIC Protocol
  • Tips on the use of the X12 with the CIC Protocol
  • Tips on the use of X10 without the CIC Protocol

Register here for free.

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