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Phil Joyce - The Orange Partnership Open QuoteNEC is a good basis for a partnership arrangement. We always work with clients who are using this style of contract. NEC Options Cs and Es in particular are really useful in managing risk during a project.Close Quote

Rachel Morris - Institute of Clerks of Works and Construction Inspectorate of GB Open QuoteWe endorse NEC3: ECC Supervisor Accreditation for our existing members as well as those who seek to become members. The programme reflects the duties carried out by our members on an ECC project and represents a fantastic opportunity for them to gain additional recognition for their skills and expertise.Close Quote

Sir John Armitt - Olympic Delivery Authority Open QuoteThe use of the NEC3 family of contracts ensured that most problems were solved when they occurred, rather than ending up in the courts at the end of the process.Close Quote

William Lees - NEC Users' Group Workshop, September 2016 Open QuoteI enjoyed the discussions which took place as part of the presentation which showed how others are using the NEC and their experiences. I did feel that the presenter encouraged this and that it was to everyone's benefit.Close Quote

Andy Cruise - National Grid Open QuoteThe bespoke NEC in-house training programme was delivered to a total of 382 employees in the period of just nine months, which for a bespoke course, is rapid. The training was a great success and enjoyable.Close Quote

Cliff Jones - ProCure21, Department of Health Open QuoteThe NEC Contract is a positive and progressive form of contract which allows all parties to collaborate and contribute to the successful delivery of buildings, facilities and best value solutions. Close Quote

David Adamson - Combe Down stone mines stabilization project Open QuoteThe discipline of the NEC contract and its early warning process instilled a teamwork and proactive approach to the resolution of issues. The project had an exceptionally positive culture whereby all parties worked together to provide a successful project. Close Quote

Geoff Robinson - Getting the most out of the TSSC webinar, 2016 Open QuoteVery good webinar - about the right duration and technical content with knowledgeable speakers. Close Quote

Jeremy Dixon - Isaac Construction Company Open QuoteNEC3 is based on a simple philosophy of partnering, collaboration and a best-for-everyone approach, and not a master-servant style of traditional contracts used. The contract went very well and the incentive to share possible time, financial and safety issues promoted a non-adversarial approach to contracting. We are very keen to work under this type of contract on future projects. Close Quote

Martyn Crawford - Cost Effective Assurance webinar, 2016 Open QuoteLively presentation that worked well as a conversation between the presenters. Their knowledge, delivered quickly and succinctly, was excellent.Close Quote

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