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Albert Cheng - Construction Industry Council, Hong Kong Open QuoteThe promotion of NEC do provide a platform to have a collaborative working relationship rather than adversarial relationship between the partners and contractors resulting in a more productive industry.Close Quote

Andrew Emery - Resort Development and Strategy Planning Manager Open QuoteWe regularly use NEC contracts to manage our various capital works schemes and framework contractors. The flexibility of NEC enabled payment applications to be agreed up front as part of the contract, along with regular visits to the off-site factory to monitor progress. As a result our relationship with the contractor was strong and maintained throughout the project.Close Quote

David Abdy - Sunderland City Council Open QuoteWe chose NEC primarily to encourage a collaborative and cooperative approach within the project team but with clear lines of responsibility and governance. The NEC suite’s widespread use throughout the UK construction market was also a key consideration over other forms of contract, ensuring familiarity throughout the supply chain.Close Quote

David Ferroussat - Heathrow Airport Limited Open QuoteNEC4 is that step change innovation from NEC which builds on the learning from previous versions and pakcs up the key attributes we should be engendering into a collaborative environment.Close Quote

Jaco Uys - Mott MacDonald Africa (Pty) Ltd Open QuoteThe majority of packages were contracted using the NEC3 suite of contracts due to their unique characteristics. They stimulate good management of the relationship between two parties to the contract; they can be used in a wide variety of commercial situations, for a wide variety of types of work in any location; and they are clear, simple and written in plain English using language and a structure which is straightforward and easily understood.Close Quote

John Roberts - Jacobs, UK Open QuoteNEC provided a basis for control and responsibility for all parties, removing grey areas of aspects like responsibility and ownership when works had the potential to overlap from the three contractors. In addition, the NEC discipline of valuing the works monthly and dealing with changes as they occurred rather than storing them up for a large claim on the final account was a major benefit that was largely achieved in practice.Close Quote

Paul Monaghan - City of London Corporation Open QuoteThe main reason we chose NEC for the Tower Bridge refurbishment works contract was that it fitted very well with our bespoke Pre-Construction Service Agreement for early contractor involvement with planning and design. In addition, our experience is that the market reacts adversely to some of the older, traditional contracts, particularly in relation to liabilities and allocation of risk. This often leads to tenders being heavily qualified or carrying a high premium. At Tower Bridge, the project risks were fully established and quantified as the design was developed under the Pre-Construction Services Agreement. Close Quote

Peter Barclay - Midlands Highway Alliance, UK Open QuoteWorking together with our partners we developed collaborative relationships which were proactive, interdependent, flexible, adaptable, fair, open and honest. During the early contractor involvement stage, detailed project programmes and specific project outputs were agreed. The use of NEC3 contracts ensured that effective project management principles were followed to ensure that the agreed outcomes were delivered in a timely manner.Close Quote

Jon Broome - Association for Project Management (APM) Open QuoteThe Association for Project Management aims to raise the level of professionalism in the delivery of project, and one of the 3 principal objectives of NEC is to stimulate good project management - so there's a good joint interest.Close Quote

Sir John Armitt - Olympic Delivery Authority Open QuoteThe use of the NEC3 family of contracts ensured that most problems were solved when they occurred, rather than ending up in the courts at the end of the process.Close Quote

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