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Jon Broome - Association for Project Management (APM) Open QuoteThe Association for Project Management aims to raise the level of professionalism in the delivery of project, and one of the 3 principal objectives of NEC is to stimulate good project management - so there's a good joint interest.Close Quote

Sir John Armitt - Olympic Delivery Authority Open QuoteThe use of the NEC3 family of contracts ensured that most problems were solved when they occurred, rather than ending up in the courts at the end of the process.Close Quote

Cliff Jones - ProCure21, Department of Health Open QuoteThe NEC Contract is a positive and progressive form of contract which allows all parties to collaborate and contribute to the successful delivery of buildings, facilities and best value solutions. Close Quote

David Adamson - Combe Down stone mines stabilization project Open QuoteThe discipline of the NEC contract and its early warning process instilled a teamwork and proactive approach to the resolution of issues. The project had an exceptionally positive culture whereby all parties worked together to provide a successful project. Close Quote

Christina Mittenshaw-Hodge - The Coal Authority Open QuoteWithin each contract, the pain / gain is linked to the achievement of key performance indicators and the share is adjusted depending on whether these are achieved. The use of NEC3 contracts on the Saltburn project has minimised the impact of change on the scheme to date compensation events have only raised the target by 1.6%. Close Quote

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