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Wai Chi-Sing - Hong Kong Development Bureau Open QuoteThe main benefit of NEC3 contracts over conventional contracts is that they have partnering built in, encouraging the two contracting parties to work together to solve problems...Overall it is NEC’s collaborative spirit that helps to improve contract management, increase cost-effectiveness and improve project outcomes.Close Quote

Daniel Cook - The Highways Agency Open QuoteWe use NEC Contracts across the board because they're all collaborative, and we think working with suppliers rather than against them is the best way to achieve our objectives. They also represent really good management approaches; proactive in the way they deliver.Close Quote

David Parish - Guernsey government Open QuoteThe NEC3 Supply Contract has worked well, even with the requirement to have two currencies - euros for the crane supply as delivered from Germany and a pounds sterling for demolition of the existing cranes. Furthermore the absence of references to any UK-specific legislation within the main clauses made it easier to fit the contract into Guernsey legislation than some other families of contracts. Close Quote

Sir John Armitt - Olympic Delivery Authority Open QuoteThe use of the NEC3 family of contracts ensured that most problems were solved when they occurred, rather than ending up in the courts at the end of the process.Close Quote

Peter Walkden - Magnox Open QuoteThe NEC3 contract suite has become a cornerstone of the Magnox programme and has been used to great effect; from the adoption of better contract management techniques to driving a cultural change based around learning and continuous improvement. The contract management processes and collaborative approach to working have helped us deliver improved value for money in meeting the challenges faced. Close Quote

NEC3 books

NEC3 books

We offer a range of books to help our users' maximise the benefits of using NEC3 contracts. Written by NEC3 experts, you will access essential advice and practical day-to-day tips.

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NEC3: Supply Contract Bundle

NEC3: Supply Contract Bundle

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