NEC3 Compared and Contrasted, 2nd edition

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  • Frances Forward

  • ISBN: 9780727757654
  • Product code: L08815
  • Publish Date: 28/08/2015 10:18:37
  • Publisher: ICE Publishing
  • Page Size: 234x156mm
  • Number of Pages: 152

NEC3 Compared and Contrasted, Second edition provides the latest practical guidance and succinct comparison between NEC3 and other relevant industry standard form contracts. Focused specifically on using clear and concise terminology, and practical tabular and diagrammatic information, it allows the reader to gain a rapid overview of key features of the contracts.

NEC3 Compared and Contrasted helps professionals involved in procurement in the construction industry to make informed choices and to give balanced advice when deciding which contract to use for a particular project. Written by experienced contract professionals, this book is an invaluable resource for consultants, clients and contractors in the construction industry. It also students preparing for their professional exams with a straightforward guide to comparative standard form construction contracts.

NEC3 Compared and Contrasted provides readers with:

  • a concise guide that can be dipped into by a practitioner more readily than detailed legalistic or specialist texts
  • a pragmatic approach, particularly useful for advisers who may have limited practical experience
  • comprehensive chapters written by experienced experts from the relevant contractual fields
  • an overview of international contracts from Hong Kong, Australia, South Africa and Germany.

This book examines both professional services and construction contracts, in the context of partnering.  It demonstrates that modern contracts need to facilitate project management, as well as define legal relationships and that efficient procurement of complex projects demands a proactive, not a reactive, approach.

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