NEC3: Supply Contract Flow Charts

NEC3: Supply Contract Flow Charts
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  • Publisher: Thomas Telford
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These flow charts depict the procudures followed when using the NEC3 Supply Contract (SC). They are intended to help people using the SC to see how the various SC core clauses and Options come together to produce clear and precise sequences of action for the people involved.
Construction Clients' Board endorsement of NEC3
The Construction Clients' Board (formerly Public Sector Clients' Forum) recommends that public sector organisations use the NEC3 contracts when procuring construction.
Standardising use of this comprehensive suite of contracts should help to deliver efficiencies across the public sector and promote behaviours in line with the principles of Achieving Excellence in Construction.

Copyright Policy
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This option is intended for organisations that use the NEC form of contract as their standard route to procurement and administer a number of NEC projects on a day-to-day basis. This option offers the user the ability to access and print unlimited documents for a period of 12 months. It is restricted to a single user on a single machine.

The number of each flow chart is the same as the number of the clause in the NEC Supply Contract to which it primarily relates.
• Preface v
• Acknowledgements vii
• Abbreviations viii
• Legend 
• Flow charts 13 Communications Sheets 1 to 3 
• 14 The Supply Manager 
• 16 Early warning 
• 17 Ambiguities and inconsistencies 
• 18 Illegal and impossible requirements 
• 19 Prevention 
• 20 Providing the Goods and Services 
• 21 The Supplier's design
• 22 Using the Supplier's design and services 
• 23 Working with the Purchaser and Others 
• 24 Subcontracting 
• 25 Other (Supplier) responsibilities Sheets 1 and 2 
• 30 Starting and Delivery Sheets 1 and 2 
• 31 The programme Sheets 1 and 2 
• 32 Revising the programme 
• 33 Access 
• 34 Instructions to stop or not to start work 
• 35 Acceleration 
• 40 Tests and inspections Sheets 1 and 2 
• 41 Testing and inspection before and on Delivery 
• 42 Searching for and notifying Defects 
• 43 Correcting Defects 
• 44 Accepting Defects 
• 45 Uncorrected Defects 
• 50 Assessing the amount due Sheets 1 to 4 
• 51 Payment Sheets 1 and 2 
• 52 Defined Cost 
• 60 Compensation events Sheets 1 to 6 
• 61 Notifying compensation events Sheets 1 to 4 
• 62 Quotations for compensation events Sheets 1 and 2 
• 63 Assessing compensation events Sheets 1 and 2 
• 64 The Supply Manager's assessments Sheets 1 and 2 
• 65 Implementing compensation events 
• 70 The Purchaser's title to the goods 
• 71 Marking goods before Delivery 
• 80 Purchaser's risks Sheets 1 to 3 
• 81 The Supplier's risks 
• 82 Loss of and damage to the goods 
• 83 Indemnity 
• 84 Insurance cover 
• 85 Insurance policies 
• 86 If the Supplier does not insure 
• 87 Insurance by the Purchaser 
• 88 Limitation of liability 
• 90 Termination 
• 91 Reasons for termination Sheets 1 to 5 
• 92 Procedures on termination 
• 93 Payment on termination
• 94 Dispute resolution Sheets 1 to 5 
• X1 Price adjustment for inflation 
• X2 Changes in the law 
• X3 Multiple currencies 
• X4 Parent company guarantee 
• X7 Delay damages 
• X12 Partnering Sheets 1 to 3 
• X13 Performance bond 
• X14 Advanced payment to the Supplier 
• X17 Low performance damages 
• X20 Key Performance Indicators (not used with
• Option X12)
• Y(UK)3 The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 95

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