New Competency Framework released to guide NEC learning

New Competency Framework released to guide NEC learning

All projects work better when all involved parties understand their roles and responsibilities thoroughly and this becomes even more important as the scale, risk, and complexity increases. Having the right people in the right roles is vital to project success. By clearly outlining the expectations and competencies expected from individuals on a given project, it becomes easier to select the right people, identify specific knowledge and experience gaps for existing personnel, and ultimately manage successful delivery and execution of project objectives.
NEC recognises these people challenges are becoming ever more prevalent and demanding with the current labour shortage, and to better support industry professionals and NEC users, the NEC Competency Framework has been created. This defines the fundamental attributes and behaviours required from NEC professionals in maximising efficiency while effectively managing NEC contracts. The Framework sets out 3 levels of skills, from foundation level - having sufficient basic understanding of the contract, through practitioner – able to take a senior role on the contract, to specialist – taking full responsibility for the contract management.

A certain level of competency is needed for all identified roles with an NEC contract, and at times additional training may be required to get the best results across a project. However, this applies not only to those directly administering the contract, but also across the wider project team.

This Competency Framework will help organisations to make their own assessments of whether the skill levels of their people are sufficient to carry out the relevant duties, or whether extra support is needed in one or several areas. Once this assessment has been made, NEC training courses are available and may be used to enhance this development journey. Please contact us for further information and details as to how we can support you.

NEC would like to thank the contributors to the Framework, including:

  • Steve Brown
  • Rob Gerrard 
  • Gordon Kwok
  • John Sherry
  • Peter Small
  • Barry Trebes
  • NEC4 Contract Board

Peter Small, Commercial & Contracts Manager, Jacobs, and reviewer and contributor to the NEC Competency Framework said "The Competency Framework should prove to be a useful tool for both individuals and organisations in identifying the current and future needs of staff. The Framework in conjunction with the existing accreditation courses will provide a clear path for progression for those starting out and also those developing along their NEC journey". 

Steve Brown, Managing Director at Steve Brown Associates Ltd and contributor to the NEC Competency Framework said "Looking to see if you have what it takes to be an NEC Accredited Project/Service Manager? Well I think this new NEC Competency Framework will enable you to understand what is expected of an individual undertaking the role. Having tutored many Project Manager Accreditation Programmes over the years I hear regularly from people that are surprised as to just how much the NEC demands of the Project or Service Manager, that the spectrum of understanding, knowledge and experience needed is very broad and that a comprehensive set of skills is required to perform the roles well. I think this new Framework will be a very useful tool for all people either looking to attain accreditation or aspiring to be an NEC Project/Service Manager, helping you to understand what you need to have in in your skills set to be able to progress to that acclaimed position."

Peter Higgins, Chair of NEC4 Contract Board said "I commend the use of this framework by all those involved in NEC contracts to select appropriate people and provide additional development when needed. This will give all those involved in the contract greater confidence in each other’s skills, and thus assist in working in a spirit of mutual trust and cooperation."

John Welch, Deputy Direcotr of Construction at Crown Commerical Services said "It is so important to have people competent in their understanding and practical application of the NEC so it is great to see this competency framework being launched. Whether you are an experienced user or a novice and in particular those that are using NEC in new sectors, please take the time to review and use this framework."

View or download the Competency Framework

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