NEC4: Term Service Short Contract

NEC4: Term Service Short Contract
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The NEC4 Term Service Short Contract (TSSC) is a simpler alternative to the NEC4 Term Service Contract (TSC). It is for appointing a contractor over a fixed period to provide a relatively easy-to-manage, straightforward and low-risk maintenance or repair service on an operational asset, including one-off tasks.

The TSSC uses a price list, with payments simply made for completion of priced items, or for quantities provided at the agreed rates, or for a combination of both. The service described in the scope can include individual projects that are instructed and priced as tasks, with specific start and completion dates.

The document contains everything you need to prepare, tender and manage an NEC4 TSSC, including forms for the contract data, price list and scope.


The TSSC is part of the NEC4 suite of collaborative, flexible and clearly written contracts for built environment procurement. The suite has a global track record for delivering all kinds and sizes of building and infrastructure projects and services on time, on budget and to the highest environmental and quality standards.

As with all NEC4 contracts, the parties to a TSSC are required to act in a ‘spirit of mutual trust and co-operation’ and give early warnings of anything that could affect time, cost or effectiveness of the service so it can be mitigated without delay.

Change is dealt with by a fast and fair compensation event process which, together with a continually updated and agreed plan, ensures there are no surprises at the end of the contract.