Webinar: Guidance on using NEC with FAC-1

Webinar: Guidance on using NEC with FAC-1

Join Peter Higgins and Professor David Mosey as they discuss using NEC with a FAC-1 Framework Alliance Contract (FAC-1).

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The FAC-1 Framework Alliance Contract (FAC-1) creates and implements collaborative framework and alliance arrangements and is recommended by the UK Government. 
Its purpose is to:

  • To assist users in combining the FAC-1 Framework Alliance Contract with NEC4 contracts, and show how clauses in NEC4 contracts can be used to support the objectives of FAC-1
  • To identify and provide guidance on material that needs to be incorporated in preparing the FAC-1 for use with an NEC4 contract and its management afterwards
  • To show FAC-1 and NEC4 complement each other and to explain their combined strengths
  • To provide case studies showing how strategic FAC-1 collaboration in conjunction with NEC contracts can lead to better programme and project outcomes

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