Frequently Asked Questions

As an employer we generally use the NEC3 Engineering and Construction Short Contract (ECSC) for most of our works projects which are low value and low risk. We have a project manager who works on our behalf to prepare tender documents, evaluates them and assists in contract management. However, unlike the NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC), the ECSC does not have a project manager or supervisor role, so how do we include for such roles?
There is no need to have a formal project manager on low-risk, straightforward projects. If you want one person to carry out certain roles then all you need to do is delegate the employer’s actions you want them to perform in accordance with ECSC clause 14.4. You cannot delegate all of the actions as there are some that only the employer can do, such as making payment to the contractor. Just write to the contractor ideally before works starts and say something like, ‘We delegate the employer’s actions under clauses [numbers] to [name]’.

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