Frequently Asked Questions

We are the contractor on an NEC3 ECC Option C (target contract with activity schedule). If our operatives are travelling from home to the working areas, would this be part of defined cost in the contract? We note that the schedule of cost components item 13(a) provides for payments made in relation to travel, but is this for travel during the working day or can it include home to working areas?
The cost of travel includes all the costs you pay for travel in relation to people. But, as with all the items in item 1 of the schedule of cost components, you are only paid for the costs you actually pay. So, if you pay your operatives for travel time, which presumably will not often be the case, you are entitled to recover that cost either under item 13(a) or under item 12(d). If you do not pay them, there is no defined cost that arises. The same applies if you pay people a travel allowance instead.

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