Insights and White Papers

Find content developed by NEC and across the industry with our range of resources that will assist those starting out their NEC journey and more experienced practitioners.

Insights and White Papers
NEC and the Construction Playbook
The government’s Construction Playbook was issued in December 2020, with the aim of changing how construction projects get delivered and getting it right from the start. It provides principles and policies which are intended to transform how public works projects and programmes are procured and managed, in order to achieve a transformational change by systematically approaching risk, sustainability and innovation across portfolios of projects and programmes.

The Playbook identifies 14 key policies which form the basis for the Playbook. This article examples the policies which are particularly relevant for NEC

History of NEC - Evolving to be the world's favourite procurement suite
Updated in 2023 for NEC's 30th anniversary, this booklet provides the reader with an in-depth look at the origins of the NEC suite. Learn about the impact NEC contracts have had on the global built environment industry, how the contracts have evolved over time to become today’s NEC4 suite, and how they continue to set the benchmark for best-practice procurement worldwide.

NEC and CLC Guidance for Dealing with Retention Payments Under NEC3 and NEC4 Contracts
The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) and NEC have published joint guidance to the construction industry on how to minimise the use of retention funds in NEC works contracts.

NEC4 Contracts in Australia
A ‘shovel-ready’ solution to reforming Australia’s national infrastructure delivery

This briefing document introduces some of the key recommendations of Infrastructure Australia's National Infrastructure Plan and explains how the existing range of NEC4 contracts are ‘shovel ready’ to help bring much-needed reform to the Australian infrastructure sector and wider construction market.

NEC4: Delivering Better Project Outcomes
This document introduces the NEC4 suite of procurement contracts for the global purchasing of works, services and supplies. It outlines the commercial benefits the contracts can bring through the promotion of a more open, collaborative and efficient relationship with the supply chain.

Introducing the NEC4 Facilities Management Contract - White Paper
NEC has announced the release of its new suite of facilities management contracts (FM contracts) developed with the support of the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management, IWFM. The suite contains four contracts, six user guides and two flow charts and is designed to be used for all types of facilities management procurement and delivery strategies. This paper provides users with an explanation of the contracts and their key features and benefits.

NEC4: Facilities Management Contract Compared with the TSC
Following the launch of the new Facilities Management Contracts there has been much interest from the industry. This paper provides users with an explanation of how the new facilities management contracts compare to the existing NEC4 term service contracts and identifies the key differences between the two suites of contracts.

NEC4: The Next Generation White Paper
This paper provides users with an explanation of some of the changes made to NEC3 contracts and the new contracts that have been created. It explains why they have been introduced and what the benefits are for users. It explains the changes across the full suite of contracts.

Covid-19 issues and NEC4 guidance document
Peter Higgins, NEC4 Contract Board Chair produced a short guidance document for projects being procured using NEC in the current global pandemic. This document briefly outlines the use of Clause 19 and how it can be applied in this situation.

NEC4 Contracts and Covid-19
Peter Higgins continued his guidance in producing a short video which considers procedures that should have happened and what good practice would be next. He examines the secondary option X2 and details the NEC processes following changes to the law. 

10 Years of NEC in Hong Kong

Marking the 10th anniversary of NEC in Hong Kong, members of the Hong Kong construction industry were invited to submit their most exemplary projects, completed on time and within budget. The projects were judged by a panel of NEC experts on the following criteria:

  • Excellence in Contract Management
  • Exemplary risk allocation
  • Sensible use of Z clauses
  • Good use of optional X clauses
  • Proficiency of Project Management
  • Formulated processes for compensation events
  • Illustrating good use to Early Warning methodology
  • Teamworking
  • Demonstrating collaboration; Clause 10.1 (NEC3)
  • Showcasing an open and transparent approach
  • Exhibiting coherent processes in communication
  • Innovation in procurement methodology
  • Use of innovative methods, technology and techniques
  • Positive impact on Hong Kong
  • Achieving benefits across society
  • Improvement of living standards and wellbeing of Hong Kong
Congratulations to the 10 selected projects:
  1. Signature Project Scheme in Sha Tin
  2. Tseung Kwan o – Lam Tin tunnel: road p2 and associated works
  3. Cross bay link, Tseung Kwan o: road d9 and associated works
  4. West Kowloon reclamation: main works (remainder)
  5. Landslip prevention and mitigation (lpmit) programme
  6. Development of Kwu Tung north and Fanling north new development areas
  7. Improvement of water supply to Sheung Shui and Fanling
  8. Automated people mover and baggage handling system tunnels on existing airport island – contract 3801
  9. Happy valley underground stormwater storage scheme
  10. Fuk man road nullah in Sai Kung

Download the booklet to find out more about each of the projects