NEC4: Introduction to the Design Build and Operate Contract (DBO) (online)

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 NEC4: Introduction to the Design Build Operate Contract (Online)NEC training at a click. Gain a comprehensive and clear understanding of the NEC suite of contracts at anytime and anywhere in the world, at your own pace.

NEC4: Introduction to the Design Build Operate Contract (Online):
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This online training course has been designed to provide you with an introduction to the structure, key clauses and uses of the NEC4 Design Build and Operate Contract (DBO) contract.


The DBO has been developed for the appointment of a contractor to operate a client’s asset for a period of time, and during that period undertake significant new build or refurbishment to support the operational requirements.

It combines and places responsibility for usually disparate functions (design, construction, operation or maintenance) with a single supplier.

People will be motivated to play their part in collaborative management if it is in their commercial and professional interest to do so. Uncertainty about what is to be done and the corresponding risks and liabilities can lead to disputes and confrontation.

The DBO clearly allocates risks, and the collaborative approach will reduce those risks and uncertainty for all the parties.

Why Enrol?

Participants enrolling on this course will gain:

  • An insight into when to use this form of contract
  • How to put it together, the contract strategy
  • How it is managed effectively.


Approximately 90-120 minutes.

The length of time taken varies depending on how quickly individuals study and absorb the material.

Please note that the licence is valid for 6 months only from date of purchase.

Successful completion of this course will award you 30 credit points toward your Online Academy qualification.



NEC training at a click. Gain a comprehensive and clear understanding of the NEC suite of contracts at anytime and anywhere in the world, at your own pace.


Our training programmes, tailored to your requirements. Ideal for organisations with specific time, location, and learning and development objectives.


This eLearning follows the same structure as the one day classroom course, distilling the key information into approximately two hours of content.

Module 1 - Overview of the NEC4 Suite

  • This module will show how NEC contracts have helped transform industry behaviours and how the DBOC works alongside other contracts in the suite.

Module 2 - Using the DBOC, the contract strategy

  • This module covers the contract strategy; an explanation of the main and secondary Options that can be chosen and the other contract documents that need to be produced.

Module 3 - Managing the contract, the DBOC terms and processes

  • This module is broken into nine subsections, each covering one of the key aspects of the DBO contract: General Provisions, the Contractor's main responsibilities, Time, Quality, Payment, Compensation Events, Title, Liabilities and insurance, and Termination and dispute resolution.

Module 4 - Summary

  • The final module provides a recap of the course's learning objectives, as well as guidance on possible next steps upon completion of the course and accompanying test.
At the end of the course participants should be able to:
  • Understand the philosophy of NEC
  • Understand when and how to use DBOC over ECC and TSC
  • Recognise the differences between contract strategies using the DBOC
  • Know how to use Contract Data and Scope
  • Define the roles stated within the DBOC and their responsibilities
  • Recognise critical DBOC clauses and processes
  • Describe how to apply DBOC in practice and ensure effective delivery
Who Should Enrol?
This course is designed for those working with the DBO form including:
  • Project managers
  • Contract managers
  • Supervisors
  • Quantity surveyors
  • Clients
  • Consultants
  • Contractors and their supply chain

It is designed for those with some experience of using NEC, ECC and TSC forms.
Included in the Fee
Included within your fee for this online module is:
  • Six months access (all modules and assessments for this online course must be completed within six months of receiving confirmation of registration to be valid)
  • Six months access to the eView versions of the NEC4 Design Build and Operate Contract, the NEC4 Preparing a Design Build and Operate Contract, and the NEC4 Managing a  Design Build and Operate Contract
  • Certification on successful completion of all modules and assessment

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