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Running over two days and using a mix of learning material including case studies and scenario planning, this programme is designed to equip delegates with the skills necessary to be able to fulfil the role of a Supervisor using the NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC).

This Supervisor accreditation is a unique opportunity which is recognised by employers and will set you apart from your peers. The course:
  • Offers complete clarity on the roles and duties of an NEC4 Supervisor
  • Gives NEC4 Supervisors real skills and tools to execute their roles
  • Highly interactive, with emphasis on scenario planning and teaching through case studies
  • Peer reviewed course content and expert delivery from an NEC4 specialist
The complete programme includes:
  • Online learning and assessment to refresh and develop your knowledge and understanding of the role of the Supervisor
  • Two days of classroom  learning including case studies and scenario planning which you will work through as a group, sharing ideas and experiences
  • Online and written assessments to confirm your attainment of the skills, knowledge and expertise required and expected of an accredited NEC4 ECC Supervisor
Upon successful completion of the programme, you will receive a unique accreditation as an NEC4: ECC Project Supervisor and entry onto the Register for Accredited Engineering and Construction Contract Project Supervisors held by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).

View the ICE Register for Accredited Project Managers

*Delegate handbook (including terms and conditions)

This programme is supported by the Institute of Clerks of Works and Construction Inspectorate of GB (ICWCI).

Visit the ICWCI website

Rachel Morris, ICWCI Chief Executive Officer:

'We endorse the NEC3 and NEC4: ECC Supervisor Accreditations for our existing members as well as those who seek to become members. The programmes reflect the duties carried out by our members on an ECC project and represents a fantastic opportunity for them to gain additional recognition for their skills and expertise.' 

Those completing the programmes and seeking membership of ICWCI will be able to include this as a supporting accreditation when applying for membership.

Existing members of ICWCI are eligible for a 5% discount off the listed price for the ECC Supervisor Accreditations. Simply quote code “ICWCI5” when booking. Your discount will be applied automatically.*



Peer reviewed training courses delivered by NEC experts and industry specialists on scheduled dates and locations across the country. Ideal for those looking for NEC knowledge exchange with other users in an interactive learning environment.


Our training programmes, tailored to your requirements. Ideal for organisations with specific time, location, and learning and development objectives.

This is a two day course. This training course starts at 09:00 and finishes at 17:00 with refreshment breaks mid-morning and afternoon, plus lunch. Progress through the sessions may be at a slower or faster rate than listed. The boundary between Day One and Day Two may therefore vary with delegates’ requirements.

Day One

Session 1 - Role of the Supervisor and others
  • Delegating duties to others
  • Main responsibilities and duties of the Supervisor
  • Relationship to the Project Manager
  • Case Study 1.1
Session 2 - Contract Data
  • Information relevant to the Supervisor
  • Case Study 2.1
Session 3 - Communications protocols
  • Clause 10.1 - acting in the spirit of mutual trust and collaboration
  • Different media
  • Establishing protocols
  • Clause 13.7 - notifications
  • Clause 11.1 - identified and defined terms
  • Case Study 3.1
Session 4 - Delegation of duties
  • Who can delegate what and to whom
  • Approvals and acceptances
  • Case Study 4.1
Session 5 - Using Scope
  • Clause 21.1 Scope
  • Conflicting Scope
  • Case Study 5.1
  • Inconsistent or ambiguous Scope
  • Case Study 5.2
  • Good practice for Scope
Session 6 - Working with Subcontractors
  • Responsibility for Subcontractors
  • Using the ECC Index
  • Working with Project Managers
  • Case Study 6.1

Day Two

Session 7 - Early warnings
  • Early warnings and Supervisors
  • Using the ECC Index
  • Early Warning Register (Clause 11.2(8))
  • Working with the Project Manager to manage early warnings
  • Early Warning process
  • Case Study 7.1
Session 8 - The Accepted Programme
  • Clause 31.2 (the Programme)
  • Standard checks
  • The first programme
  • Sectional completion
  • Key dates
  • Take over
  • Completion
  • Case Study 8.1
Session 9 - Compensation Events
  • Working with the Project manager and the Contractor
  • Understanding compensation events – reasons and process
  • Case Study 9.1
Session 10 - Testing and Defects
  • Defects certificates
  • Case Study 10.1
Session 11 - Title
  • Clauses 70.1 and 71.1 (Title)
Session 12 - Resolving and avoiding disputes
  • Procedure during a dispute
  • Clause 10.1 - acting in the spirit of mutual trust and collaboration
  • Options W1 and W2 - Dispute resolution
Session 13 - Day to day issues
  • Clause 16.3 - adding to the Working Areas
  • Clause 17.1 - Ambiguities and inconsistencies
  • Clause 17.2 - Illegal and impossible requirements
  • Clause 21.2 - Design acceptance
  • Clause 23.1 - Design of Equipment
  • Clause 24.1 - People
Session 14 - Problem solving
  • Supervisor’s checklist
Session 15 - Summary/Open Forum
  • Summary
  • Open forum - sharing issues and experiences
By the end of this course attendees should know:
  • How to fulfil the role of the Supervisor under the ECC (clause 10.1….act as stated in the contract……)
  • How to engage the team and help build a ‘spirit of mutual trust and co-operation’ (clause 10.2)
  • What needs to be implemented at the commencement, during and at the end of a successful project
  • How to deal with typical problems that may occur
  • Above all, how to be an effective Supervisor
Who Should Attend?
This course is suitable for anyone who is, or has an interest in becoming, the Supervisor of an NEC4 ECC project.

Typical building, construction, design, and engineering roles include:
  • Current or aspiring ECC Supervisors
  • Clerks of Works
  • Construction Inspectors
  • Architectural Technicians
Included in the Fee
Classroom programme:
Includes complimentary copy of the NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) and its associated Guidance Notes.

In-House programme:
Fees and particulars for this option, tailored to suit your specific requirements, are available upon request.
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