Construction Contracts in Use Survey 2017: have your say

NBS is running its fourth major survey into construction contracts and related legal issues.

It’s expected that the survey will shed new light on what impact the digitisation of the industry is having on the number and nature of disputes.

Adrian Malleson, Head of Research at NBS, said: “Our independent and experienced NBS Research team has designed this survey to be the most wide-ranging independent review of contractual and legal issues from across the industry.

“We’re expecting results of thesurvey to provide a clearer picture of whether collaborative techniques and processes such as BIM are fostering a less confrontational approach amongst project teams, as well as a strong indication of the legal implications that those adopting BIM is having, following the 2016 mandate.”

The Construction Contracts and Legal Issues survey was instigated back in 2012 and is open to any and all construction professionals to share their legal and contractual experiences over the last 12 months.

With the help of the membership of more than 20 industry bodies, previous surveys have provided an accurate and in-depth picture of legal issues and disputes at each phase of construction.

They have covered subjects such as: main causes of dispute, their duration and value, tendering and procurement practice, pricing and legal issues and the impact of the adoption of BIM on contracts.

Results of the survey are expected to be published before the end of 2017.

It will be based on responses from UK-based contractors, clients, consultants and advisors working on both UK and international projects. The findings will inform future forms of contracting as well as future dispute resolution methods.

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National Construction Contracts and Law Survey 2015 results

Overall NEC was reported to be most used by 30% of the construction industry, up from 22% in the former survey in 2012, while JCT contracts were most used by 39% of the industry, down from 48% in 2012.

Furthermore, over half (53%) the construction industry says it has used NEC at least once over the past 12 months compared to just 38% in 2012.
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