NEC4 Project Manager Accreditation Blended Training

NEC4 Project Manager Accreditation Blended Training
NEC’s accreditation programmes for Project Managers, Supervisors and Service Managers are established ways of developing the skills of the people undertaking these vital roles in the industry. Attending four consecutive days of classroom learning suits many of our clients very well. But in a world with increasingly different working patterns, the need to learn flexibly is now well understood. 

NEC now offers blended training for the NEC4 Project Manager Accreditation, allowing flexible self-study over 2-3 months before consolidating the learning with others in a full day online session hosted by an experienced NEC tutor. This new route has the advantage of reducing travel and carbon costs by allowing the study to take place wherever convenient to the trainee.

The programme starts with the same two online learning sessions used in the classroom-based programme, allowing a refresh of the basic principles of the NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract and its programming obligations.

There then follows the study of 17 online modules undertaken at a pace and time chosen by the trainee.  These have been developed by NEC’s contract experts and online learning specialists. They are designed to teach, challenge and stimulate trainees in their development journeys. A variety of online techniques are deployed including interactive exercises, podcasts and magazine articles. At each stage questions to be posed to the tutor on the consolidation day can be noted online, allowing our tutor to be prepared to address the issues in question on the day. This route accommodates different learning styles and particularly suits those who are organised and self-reliant.

We know that remote learning is not for everyone, hence the full day of consolidation for everyone undertaking the course, giving delegates the opportunity to build on the knowledge attained. The tutor will have been told of any advance questions from trainees and will explain the issues in question, in addition to matters raised on the day. Trainees will also benefit from a number of group exercises undertaken in small groups and a description of the nature and style of the final multiple-choice assessment. Mock questions will be discussed within the wider group to support the preparation for the final assessment.

People undertaking the new blended route have responded positively to the course;

  • Bite-sized learning is really helpful to manage learning around work and family life.
  • Case studies and worked examples have reinforced the theory taught in the modules.
  • The diversity in the way the content is presented is easy to follow and helps with remaining engaged throughout the learning.
  • Working in small groups in breakout rooms at the online consolidation day is really helpful to allow discussion in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • The ability to speak to an NEC expert at the consolidation day on any aspect of the contract is welcomed.

NEC tutor Patrick Waterhouse, who created the blended course materials with NEC4 Contract Board member Ian Heaphy, has enjoyed running consolidation sessions.  “We have found ourselves working with motivated people keen to develop their skills in managing NEC contracts. The modular approach to their learning has allowed them to work at a pace and time to suit their lives and they arrive at the tutor day with much to ask and contribute. It is rewarding for us at NEC to see how they have developed over the weeks leading up to the consolidation session. This is clearly an important way of learning in a business world where being tied to a physical location is no longer an assumption that employers and their people take for granted”.

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