NEC4 ECC Project Manager Accreditation

NEC4 ECC Project Manager Accreditation
This programme is designed to equip delegates with the skills necessary to be able to manage a project under an NEC4 Contract, with specific reference to role and importance of the Project Manager under the NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC).

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This training programme fuses together the skills required of a project manager with those technical skills required by the NEC. Taking delegates from project start up to project closure it will look at the procedures as described in the NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC), the purpose of those procedures and the implications for not following them correctly. It also ensures delegates are familiar with the interdependencies of the various documents required by the ECC.

Successful completion of this training programme will enable a delegate to describe themselves as an accredited NEC4 Project Manager with specific reference to the ECC.  The delegate will be able to demonstrate the key processes crucial to the NEC4 and how to apply them to an ECC Project. There will be reference to common NEC processes and application, but this training programme is specifically intended to be used on projects.


The NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) has been developed for the appointment of a contractor for engineering and construction project work, including any level of design responsibility. It provides a modern method for clients, designers, contractors and project managers to work collaboratively to achieve their objectives consistently.

Under the ECC, the Client is represented by the Project Manager. Being a Project Manager is a skill in itself. Understanding a whole range of competing interests and balancing these against the need to deliver a high quality project on time, to budget and to standard is a difficult task. Coupled with the legal, not to mention financial, implications of delivering a project incorrectly the task can seem quite daunting.

Understanding the relationship between the Contract Data, the Programme, the Scope and a strong communication procedure is vital to the successful execution of any ECC project. In-depth knowledge of the process, terms, functions and interdependencies is the key to being a successful ECC Project Manager and the delegate will have the opportunity on this training programme to understand not just what those processes are, but why they should be followed to achieve a successful outcome.

Dealing with crucial issues such as time, quality, cost, risk, compensation events and early warnings, this training programme will give delegates opportunities to work through both contract based and non-contract based scenarios with the intention of equipping them with key tools needed in any ECC project role.

View the ICE Register for Accredited Project Managers

*Delegate guide

Part 1 - Online Training (pre-requisites)

This is composed of 2 modules:

These modules, along with their embedded assessments, must be completed before you can attend the classroom training sessions.

These online training courses are reduced functionality versions of courses available as standalone products. They are included within this programme to provide you with an opportunity to refresh your knowledge. You will only have access to them for one month. There will also be no access to the digital views of the contract which normally accompany these courses. If you require longer access to the materials, you will need to purchase the full online products, linked above.

Part 2 - Classroom/Virtual Training

This training programme starts at 09:00 and finishes at 17:00 with refreshment breaks mid-morning and afternoon, plus lunch. All timings, except the start time, are approximate and may be adjusted to suit natural breaks in the training programme.

Day 1 - Project Start-up

  • Role of the PM
  • ECC documents
  • Initial Duties
  • Establishing Key Procedures

Day 2 - Programme and Risk Management

  • Programme Requirements
  • Managing the Programme
  • Risk Management
  • Compensation Events Part 1

Day 3 - Commercial Management

  • Compensation Events Part 2
  • Payment
  • Defined Cost and the Fee
  • Defined Cost –  Schedule of Cost Components
  • Defined Cost – Disallowed Cost

Day 4 - Contract Management and Project Closure

  • Reporting
  • Other Matters
  • Project Closure
  • ECC contract management in action

Part 3 - Final Assessment

Online multiple choice question paper.
Once you have successfully completed all elements of the programme, you will be an Accredited NEC4 ECC Project Manager, and eligible for inclusion on the ICE Register for Accredited NEC Professionals.

Part 3 - Final Assessment (HK only)

More information about the assessment process in Hong Kong is available in this delegate handbook.
Assessment 1
Online multiple choice question paper.
Assessment 2
Written project report.
Once you have successfully completed all elements of the programme, you will be an Accredited NEC4 ECC Project Manager, and eligible for inclusion on the ICE Register for Accredited NEC Professionals.

The course is aimed at experienced NEC4 ECC Project Managers and practitioners. It is expected that delegates attending the course will have the following knowledge and experience:

  • At least 3 years’ experience using NEC4 ECC in the construction industry and ideally within a Project Manager or delegate Project Manager role
  • Good understanding of the ECC, its main and secondary Options, including the ability to comprehend additional conditions of contract and recognise critical ECC processes
  • Knowledge of the relevant industry legislation and contract principles
  • Experience with taking ownership of own responsibilities, acting as stated in the contract and confidently managing key stakeholders
  • An appreciation and understanding of the NEC4 ECC User Guide Volume 2
  • Can use key principles for structuring and drafting clear and unambiguous Scope, and other documents as necessary
  • Understanding of contractual responsibilities and liabilities, as well as able to evaluate if subcontract documentation is appropriate

Delegates with limited NEC4 ECC experience can attend the course to gain knowledge, however they should be aware that to obtain the accreditation, the post-course assessment is at advanced level, so taking the training only without having sufficient experience in using NEC4 prior to the course will not be enough to successfully pass the assessment.

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