PSC promoted at big Australasian public works conference

A unique infrastructure professional services collaborative contract based on the NEC3 Professional Services Contract (PSC) was promoted at a major Australasian public works conference last month.

David Langford of New Plymouth District Council gave a keynote address on the council’s new contract on the first day of the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) conference in Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand on 21 June. 

The contract, which was recently awarded to Opus International Consultants Limited, was one of a number of NEC3-related finalists at the IPWEA NZ Excellence Awards presented the next day. The NEC Australasia Users’ Group exhibition stand at the conference also generated a lot of interest.

NEC Contract wins Hynds Paper of the Year at IPWEA 2017 Conference

David Langford of New Plymouth District Council and Luke Meys of Opus International Consultants have won the Hynds Paper of the Year award at the 2017 IPWEA Conference with their paper “Blurring the lines with the New Plymouth District Council professional services collaborative contract”.

The paper focused on the NPDC’s Infrastructure NEC3 Professional Services Collaborative Contract. The contract is a hybrid, blending the best of traditional, performance and alliance contracting models. Teams have been combined in new ways aligned with the NEC3 principal of working together in a spirit of mutual trust and cooperation.

This collaborative relationship began with an innovative approach to the consulting market and has continued to develop throughout the procurement and delivery phases. The presentation from both NPDC and Opus, the successful consultancy, will bring together their individual and collective perspectives on this best practice delivery model.

Read the full paper here

Training and support
Following the launch of the NEC4 contract suite last month, all NEC Australasia Users’ Group Members will soon be receiving their new NEC4 box set. The Users’ Group will nevertheless continue to support and work with members continuing to use NEC3.

With that in mind we will have NEC3 Term Service Contract (TSC) workshops in August, in Christchurch and Auckland

Find out more here.

NEC Australiasian Users' Group Conference 2017
Plans are now well in hand for the third NEC Australasian Users’ Group conference on 12 October 2017, which will again be held in Christchurch, New Zealand. This year we will be running client-led break-out streams around lessons learnt from NEC3 contracts, a detailed update on changes in the new NEC4 suite and a review of local construction markets and the effects of migration. 

We will also be drawing together a group of industry leaders and practitioners to discuss, review and develop our knowledge and thinking around next-generation alliance contracts – particularly in the light of the new consultative NEC4 Alliance Contract (ALC).

Finally, we are now seeing increasing levels of interest in NEC in Australia – with initial conversations around the use of NEC by highways client organisations. 

The new NEC4 box set and especially the new Alliance Contract will ensure that interest continues to grow. Watch this space.

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