NEC4: Facilities Management Contract Bundle

NEC4: Facilities Management Contract Bundle
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The full suite includes the Facilities Management Contract (FMC), to be used by a Client to appoint a provider to manage and deliver any type of facilities management services, and the Facilities Management Subcontract (FMS), which can be used by a FM provider to appoint a subcontractor to help deliver its service.

There is also the Facilities Management Short Contract (FMSC), which can be used to appoint a FM provider to deliver any type of straightforward, low-risk services which do not require sophisticated management techniques, and the accompanying Facilities Management Short Subcontract (FMSS), which covers the same services for subcontractors.

This bundle also includes all associated User Guides and Flow Charts.


NEC, the construction industry’s leading procurement contract suite, and the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM) have launched a set of contracts specifically for the procurement of facilities management services and to help identify best practice in the sector and establish the way forward.

The contracts and their supporting documents are a great step to enable the facilities management sector to offer more integrated and consistent procurement strategies, add value to the supply chain and develop stronger, more collaborative, relationships and ways of working.

As with all NEC4 contracts, they are based on three core principles - ensuring they work to support good relationships between all parties; they can be used in a wide variety of commercial situations or locations, and are written in clear, simple terms.