NEC ECC Hong Kong edition

NEC ECC Hong Kong edition
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The increasing use of NEC in public works contracts in Hong Kong together with its use by the wider construction industry has established the need for NEC contract documents tailored to suit usage in Hong Kong. 

The NEC ECC Hong Kong Edition has been drafted by NEC with the Hong Kong Development Bureau, based on the NEC4 ECC. It has done so by introducing measures that meet specific requirements of Hong Kong governance procedures and legislation, whilst maintaining NEC best practice project management ethos and principles and keeping the collaborative sharing of risk and reward at the heart of modern procurement.

The three key objectives in drafting the NEC ECC Hong Kong Edition are to: 

  • enhance NEC’s relevancy in Hong Kong
  • provide consistency in document preparation across Hong Kong public/private works contracts 
  • inspire increased confidence in the use of NEC in Hong Kong so others benefit from better project delivery.

NEC has always been known for stimulus to good management and support of new approaches to procurement, and this ECC Hong Kong Edition continues that approach. It will further instil the spirit of collaborative working within both public and private works sectors and set the benchmark for best practice procurement in Hong Kong.

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