NEC4 TSC Service Manager Accreditation

NEC4 TSC Service Manager Accreditation
Running over four days and using a mix of learning material including case studies and scenario planning, this programme is designed to equip delegates with the skills necessary to be able to fulfil the role of a Service Manager in the NEC4 Term Service Contract (NEC4 TSC).

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This accreditation is a unique opportunity which is recognised by employers and will set you apart from your peers. It:

  • Offers complete clarity on the roles and duties of a TSC Service Manager
  • Gives TSC Service Managers real skills and tools to execute their roles
  • Highly interactive, with emphasis on scenario planning and teaching through case studies
  • Peer reviewed course content, and expert delivery from an NEC4 specialist

The complete programme includes:

  • Advanced online learning and assessment before the classroom learning to refresh and develop your knowledge and understanding of the role of the Service Manager and increase the learning benefit of the course
  • Four days of classroom learning including case studies and scenario planning which you will work through as a group, sharing ideas and experiences
  • Online and written assessments to confirm your attainment of the skills, knowledge and expertise required and expected of an accredited NEC4 TSC Service Manager

Upon successful completion of the programme, you will receive a unique accreditation as an NEC4: TSC Service Manager.

Please note that applications for the inclusion to the ICE Register for accredited NEC Professionals will no longer be accepted from the 1st of February 2023. A new NEC Register will be live in Q2 2023. No action is required from current NEC4 accredited Professionals to transition to the new register. 

*Delegate handbook (including terms and conditions)
*Sample online assessment paper

Online Training (pre-requisites)

This is composed of 2 modules:

These modules, along with their embedded assessments, must be completed before you can attend the classroom training sessions.

These online training courses are reduced functionality versions of courses available as standalone products. They are included within this programme to provide you with an opportunity to refresh your knowledge. You will only have access to them for one month. There will also be no access to the digital views of the contract which normally accompany these courses. If you require longer access to the materials, you will need to purchase the full online products, linked above.

Classroom/Virtual Training

This training programme starts at 09:00 and finishes at 17:00 with refreshment breaks mid-morning and afternoon, plus lunch. All timings, except the start time, are approximate and may be adjusted to suit natural breaks in the training programme.

Day One: Contract Start Up

1.1 Role of the Service Manager

  • Being a successful TSC NEC4 Service Manager
  • Principles of good project management

1.2 TSC Documents

  • Contract Data
  • Main Option choices
  • Core clauses and Main Option clauses
  • Secondary Options
  • Z clauses
  • Defined terms
  • Scope

1.3 Initial Duties

  • Start-up procedures
  • Task Orders
  • Launch workshops

1.4 Establishing Key Procedures

  • Plan and Task Order programmes
  • Early warnings
  • Compensation events
  • Communication protocol
  • List of notifications

Day Two: Planning and Risk Management

2.1 The Plan

  • What is the plan
  • Managing the plan

2.2 The Task Order programme

  • What is the Task Order programme
  • Managing the Task Order programme
  • Assessing effects on time

2.3 Risk Management

  • Contract Data Parts 1 and 2 – Early Warning Register
  • Liabilities and insurance
  • Risk allocation
  • The early warning process
  • Collaborative working

2.4 Testing and Defects

  • The contract processes
  • The correction timetable

2.5 Compensation events, part 1

  • What is a compensation event
  • Review of the events

Day Three: Commercial Management

3.1 Compensation events, part 2

  • The compensation event process
  • Proposed instructions

3.2 Payment

  • The payment process
  • Timescales

3.3 Price List

  • What it is and how it is used
  • Suggested practice

3.4 Defined Cost and the Fee

  • Identified and defined terms
  • How they are used
  • Price for Service Provided to Date (PSPD)
  • Schedules of Cost Components

3.5 Defined Cost – Disallowed Cost

  • Disallowed Cost: Options C and E
  • Inspecting accounts and records
  • Finalising Defined Cost

Day Four: Contract Management and Contract Closure

4.1 Reporting

  • Final total price or Defined Cost
  • Quality reporting; Key Performance Indicators

4.2 Other matters

  • Remaining clauses not previously covered
  • Value engineering for contract and operation
  • Disputes

4.3 Contract Closure

  • Service Period extension and reduction
  • Final assessment
  • Demobilisation
  • Termination

4.4 TSC Contract management in action

  • Thinking like a Service Manager
  • What would you do?

4.5 Summary of the training programme

The course is aimed at experienced NEC4 TSC Service Managers and practitioners. It is expected that delegates attending the course will have the following knowledge and experience:

  • At least 3 years’ experience using NEC4 TSC for purchasing professional services and ideally within a Service Manager or delegate Service Manager role
  • Good understanding of the TSC, its main and secondary Options, including the ability to comprehend additional conditions of contract and recognise critical TSC processes
  • Knowledge of the relevant industry legislation and contract principles
  • Experience with taking ownership of own responsibilities, acting as stated in the contract and confidently managing key stakeholders
  • An appreciation and understanding of the NEC4 TSC User Guide Volume 2 and 4

Delegates with limited NEC4 TSC experience can attend the course to gain knowledge, however they should be aware that to obtain the accreditation, the post-course assessment is at advanced level, so taking the training only without having sufficient experience in using NEC4 prior to the course may not be enough to successfully pass the assessment.

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