Getting it Right: Preparing the NEC4 Facilities Management Contract

Getting it Right: Preparing the NEC4 Facilities Management Contract
This workshop covers the practicalities of preparing the various documents that form the NEC4 Facilities Management Contract (FMC) including Contract Data, Scope including Service Order Requirements, Performance Table and the pricing document.

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The course highlights how to define the obligations and risk allocation clearly as well as how to identify correctly if your requirement is better served through an additional condition of contract and, if so, how to prepare it.

The workshop is suited for facilities management contracts with the variations in requirements between main Options being detailed in the supporting materials. As a way of supporting NEC’s collaborative approach, it is aimed at Clients, Service Providers and Service Managers.


Having a clear and well-structured brief has long been recognised to be fundamental to the success of any project. For NEC this means clear and unambiguous Contract Data and Scope in conjunction with the correct use of additional conditions of contract (Z Clauses). Echoing good practice in each of these aspects will ensure that your NEC contract delivers the balance of flexibility and clarity which leads to successful outcomes.

This training course starts at 09:00 and finishes at 17:00 with regular breaks planned throughout the session. All timings, except the start time, are approximate and may be adjusted to suit the course delivery. The course is a combination of teaching sessions and appropriate group session work.

  • Session 1 - Getting the strategy right
  • Session 2 - Contract documents including a form of agreement
  • Session 3 - Drafting principles
  • Session 4 - Contract Data
  • Session 5 - Scope, including Service Orders
  • Session 6 - Performance Table
  • Session 7 - Pricing documents
  • Session 8 - Additional conditions of contract
  • Session 9 - The NEC4 Facilities Management Subcontract
  • Session 10 - Summary and open forum

At the end of the course participants should be able to:

  • Recognise key requirements to be addressed within Contract Data, Scope and Performance Table and identify the need for additional conditions of contract
  • Define and apply the key principles for structuring and drafting clear and unambiguous Scope
  • Analyse how the Scope will be applied and the potential impact upon the drafting / structure and / or pricing and programming
  • Identify examples of good practice for Scope and the Performance Table and apply these in their drafting
  • Recognise how and when additional conditions of contract are appropriate
  • Apply good practice principles when drafting additional conditions of contract

The workshop is essential for those drafting an FMC contract and of benefit to those receiving one. It will suit those who have a good understanding of the FMC and are looking to enhance their knowledge, and be especially useful to those who are working on multiple contracts who are keen to develop consistencies and good practice standards within their organisation. This would include:

  • Experienced professionals involved in compiling and interpreting tender documents and contracts
  • Procurers, estimators and other bid professionals

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