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November 26, 2019

NEC4 service manager and supervisor accreditations

NEC4 service manager and supervisor accreditations

NEC has launched new professional accreditations for NEC4 Term Service Contract (TSC) service managers and NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) supervisors.

NEC professional accreditations are now recognised and sought after by employers worldwide as they evidence the skills and knowledge required to implement NEC contracts successfully. The two new accreditations build on the existing suite of NEC3 and NEC4 accreditations, which are continually updated to reflect current best practice and the latest industry developments.

Critical roles

Good service managers and supervisors are essential to delivering successful NEC project outcomes. NEC4 TSC service managers need a strong understanding of contractual clauses and duties and play a critical role during term service delivery. The new accreditation will confirm they will have the skills to manage risk, understand compensation events and oversee contractors’ plans.

NEC4 ECC supervisors play an important quality role on works contracts, understanding key contract clauses and recognising the consequences of actions taken or not taken. The new accreditation will confirm they can be clear and effective contributors to the project team, ensuring the works are carried out correctly.

Complete package

The fees for each new accreditation programme include online training modules, classroom training days and final assessments. Successful completion of each programme will result in the award of an NEC Certificate of Accreditation.

Check the dates here:
NEC4: TSC Service Manager Accreditation
NEC4: ECC Supervisor Accreditation

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