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Robert Meaney - P Meaney Management Ltd Open QuoteSince participating in the NEC3 ECC Project Manager Accreditation programme my knowledge of NEC has undoubtedly increased; and with respect to professional credibility I think the programme is aptly named 'the gold standard' - all those looking to manage an ECC project in future should be strongly encouraged to enrol on the programme. Everything about it was good - the venue, the content and the presentation were first class. Close Quote

Wai Chi-Sing - Hong Kong Development Bureau Open QuoteThe main benefit of NEC3 contracts over conventional contracts is that they have partnering built in, encouraging the two contracting parties to work together to solve problems...Overall it is NEC’s collaborative spirit that helps to improve contract management, increase cost-effectiveness and improve project outcomes.Close Quote

Daniel Cook - The Highways Agency Open QuoteWe use NEC Contracts across the board because they're all collaborative, and we think working with suppliers rather than against them is the best way to achieve our objectives. They also represent really good management approaches; proactive in the way they deliver.Close Quote

David Allen - Crossrail Open QuoteNEC3 helped deliver the largest civil engineering project in Europe, on budget and with value for money. NEC3 helped the project hit 45 out of its 46 targets last year, narrowly missing only one.Close Quote

David Hunter - Chartered Institute of Building Open QuoteHaving completed the ECC Project Manager Accreditation, I have a lot more confidence in my own knowledge and understanding and have been able to integrate it into my practices, delivering as both project manager and commercial manager on projects...whatever part of the supply chain you are in...it's an accreditation well worth having.Close Quote

David Parish - Guernsey government Open QuoteThe NEC3 Supply Contract has worked well, even with the requirement to have two currencies - euros for the crane supply as delivered from Germany and a pounds sterling for demolition of the existing cranes. Furthermore the absence of references to any UK-specific legislation within the main clauses made it easier to fit the contract into Guernsey legislation than some other families of contracts. Close Quote

David Reinke - Shell Open QuoteThe flexibility, clarity and stimulus to good management at the heart of NEC3 contracts, together with the fact they can and have been used successfully across the world, means they are ideal as the basis for a consistent set of contracts to be used by a global and diverse organisation such as Shell. We will be seeking to communicate their benefits to our colleagues across the group. Close Quote

Jon Broome - Association for Project Management (APM) Open QuoteThe Association for Project Management aims to raise the level of professionalism in the delivery of project, and one of the 3 principal objectives of NEC is to stimulate good project management - so there's a good joint interest.Close Quote

Ken Owen - CLM Open QuoteI think NEC3 is the unsung hero of the Olympic games, a bit like the spine or the heartbeat in the human body, I believe it helped deliver the project. Close Quote

Ken Owen - CLM Open QuoteIt is right to say that the NEC3 suite of contracts has been one of the central key enablers whereby such performance has resulted in over £600 million of public money being saved without missing one key schedule completion and handover date. NEC3 is not just a contract, it is a way of project managing a complete project like this. Close Quote

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