NEC4: Professional Service Contract Bundle

NEC4: Professional Service Contract Bundle
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The NEC4 Professional Service Contract (PSC) and back-to-back NEC4 Professional Service Subcontract (PSS) are the main professional service contract and subcontract in the NEC4 suite of collaborative, flexible and clearly written contracts for built environment procurement.

The NEC4 PSC and PSS are for appointing professional service providers and their subcontractors, including project managers, service managers, supervisors, designers and other consultants associated with an NEC4 contract.

The contracts offer three main payment Options: A (priced contract with activity schedule), C (target contract) and E (cost-reimbursable contract). In Option A, most of the risk is placed with the service provider, while in Option C it is shared between the client and service provider, and in Option E it rests mostly with the client. A different Option from the main contract can be used in each subcontract.

The bundle also includes the NEC4 Professional Service Short Contract (PSSC), which is a simpler alternative to NEC4 PSC for smaller projects, with payment based on time charge plus expenses or a price list.

The documents contain everything you need to prepare, tender and manage an NEC4 PSC, PSSC and PSS, including all secondary Options and forms for the relevant cost schedules and contract data.

The bundle also includes all related user guides and flow charts for the PSC, PSSC and PSS.


The NEC4 suite has a global track record for delivering all kinds and sizes of building and infrastructure projects and services on time, on budget and to the highest environmental and quality standards.

As with all NEC4 contracts, the parties to a PSC, PSSC and PSS are required to act in a ‘spirit of mutual trust and co-operation’ and give early warnings of anything that could affect time, cost or usefulness of the service so it can be mitigated without delay.

Change is dealt with by a fast and fair compensation event process which, together with a continually updated and agreed programme, ensures there are no surprises at the end of the contract.