NEC3: A User's Guide

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  • Jon Broome

  • ISBN: 9780727741097
  • Product code: L08811
  • Publish Date: 12/03/2012 15:59:48
  • Publisher: Thomas Telford
  • Page Size: 210 x 148
  • Number of Pages: 312

‘…the contractual bible for users on how to implement and get the best from an NEC3 contract’
Glenn Hide, NEC3 Managing Consultant, GMH Planning Ltd

'This book can be recommended as both an authoritative read and an easy reference to the NEC3 suite of contracts... Every professional, be they engineer, manager, legal or financial officer, should read and have this book available for reference when required.' Ian Jenkinson, Municipal Engineer

NEC3: A User’s Guide is a practical guide for anyone involved in preparing, administering, or contributing to a NEC3 contract. Written in an engaging style, the guide introduces the NEC3 family of contracts, and how they fit together, and provides a better understanding of how to build up and assemble a contract and how to run a NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) for successful project outcomes.



PART I Introducing the NEC3 family of contracts and how they fit together

An overview of the NEC3 family of contracts
How flexibility is achieved
How clarity and simplicity is achieved
The mechanisms for stimulating good management and how they fit together
A quick run through of the NEC Engineering and Construction Contract

PART II Good practice prior to entering the contract

Preparing the Contract
Preparing the tender
Evaluating the tender

PART III Good practice following award and crucial first month(s)

Training and common understanding
Communications: principles and systems
Operating the payment clauses
The accepted programme
Early warnings and the risk reduction process
Agreeing compensation events quickly, amicably and in accordance with the Contract
Resolving issues and disputes

PART IV Summary and last thoughts


Useful articles by the author
Incentivisation under the NEC
Is there really no hierarchy of documents under the ECC?
Critical chain project management

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