NEC3: Online Academy

A convenient online alternative to classroom based training courses. 

NEC Online Academy enables you to gain a comprehensive and clear understanding of the NEC3 suite of contracts at any time, anywhere in the world, at your own pace. Our online courses offer the same peer reviewed and expertly delivered programme content as our classroom training courses.

The online learning process is simple. Once signed up, you will receive an email with your personal log in details. You will then be able to complete your training course in modular sessions, each followed by a test.

The Online Academy provides formal recognition of the courses you have completed from Foundation (45 Points), Certificate (75 Points) to Diploma (150 Points).

For each course you complete, credits points are awarded to go towards your qualification. Our available online training programmes are listed below. Follow the links to find out more about each programme and to enrol.

Each course = 15 Points
Introduction to NEC3

Each course = 30 Points
Introduction to the Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC)
Introduction to the Term Service Contract (TSC)
Introduction to the Professional Services Contract (PSC)
Introduction to the Professional Services Short Contract (PSSC)

Each course = 45 Points
International Application of NEC3 and Comparison to FIDIC and NEC3 as an EPC Contract
Disallowed Cost under the ECC
Programme Provisions under NEC3 Contracts
Role of the ECC Supervisor
Managing the TSC Contractor's Plan and Programme

Our online training is conveniently available in the following licences:

Single purchase: Simply purchase the online training course of your choice through our website to aid your personal learning and development.

Enterprise licence: A multi-licence online package. Purchase an annual licence to the modules of your choice across your company. Ideal for organisations where NEC is part of the company-wide skill set. Enterprise licences can be purchased with SCORM compliance. 

The finer details

  • Single purchase and Train the team licenses must be purchased on an individual basis. Each individual wishing to enrol in an online learning course must register with an email address to which they have regular access in order to receive the personal log in details that will be required to begin the course
  • Access for all online training licenses is for six months from notification of registration
  • All online learning modules and assessments must be completed within six months to be valid
  • Your online training licence and log in expires after six months

For more information on any of our licences, contact us:

t: +44 (0)20 7665 2446

Watch our video - hear how real NEC users have adopted and adapted NEC online training packages.



Disallowed Cost under the ECC training

An online short course for experienced ECC users looking to improve knowledge of the key principles and processes of Disallowed Cost under the ECC.

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