GRAHAM Construction - Monklands Hospital

Monklands Hospital
Value: £16.8m
Contracts used: NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract, Options A, C, E
Start/finish: August 2013 – March 2018


  • GRAHAM Construction
  • Health Facilities Scotland
  • NHS Lanarkshire
  • Currie & Brown


GRAHAM Construction is one of five Principal Supply Chain Partners working with NHS Scotland within the strategically important and innovative Health Facilities Scotland 2 framework.

Appointed in 2013 to the 6 year programme of works, GRAHAM is currently delivering Design, Build and Construction projects comprising of differing packages of new build, refurbishment, backlog maintenance, statutory compliance and risk reduction works for NHS Health Boards across Scotland, to include NHS Lanarkshire, NHS Fife and NHS Highlands.

Routinely working in live, acute hospital environments, our collaborative approach from early pre-construction stage is central to ensuring business continuity, the absolute safety of patients, staff and visitors, as well as the delivery of a high standard of clinical accommodation with improved infection prevention and control.


  • Within the NHS Lanarkshire Frameworks Scotland 2 Projects, is the remediation of High and Significant Risk rated Backlog Maintenance Work at Monklands Hospital in Airdrie. GRAHAM are facilitating this process using their expertise to upgrade and refurbish plant equipment and clinical areas to help transform patient care.
  • A major part of this programme is the Theatre refurbishment and new ITU Unit provision. The existing theatres have ventilation plant and equipment, insufficient area and lesser functionality when compared with modern healthcare planning and technical guidance. Similarly, the ITU Unit has issues in terms of compliance with its spacial layout, ventilation compliance a functional suitability.
  • The Theatre works in particular are challenging, as there is no decant facility and the NHS Lanarkshire provision is that all seven theatres will remain available and in operation during the works. Detailed planning including Business Continuity has been identified in a collaborative manner between GRAHAM Construction, Health Facilities Scotland, NHS Lanarkshire and Currie & Brown working together to design the facility and integrate the detailed planning function which ensures the hospital operates as smoothly as possible.
  • In addition, a NHS Lanarkshire Frameworks Scotland 2 Development Days are planned for 2nd Quarter 2015. The aim of this is to provide the opportunity for the collaborative partners and the wider stakeholder groups to share knowledge and lessons learned from the first 18 months of the NHS Lanarkshire Scheme. 
  • The key areas of focus for these development days is to identify how communication using the NEC 3 contract has been a success so far and the lessons learned by the whole team for the betterment of the contract moving forward and further enhance the spirit of mutual trust. Furthermore an Improvement Team has been established that identifies lessons learnt and areas for value creation through a collaborative approach to project delivery.  This Improvement team consists of representatives from each of the main project stakeholders as well as collaboration and knowledge sharing with NHS Highland who are undertaking a similar project within their estate. 


"Good application of collaborative relationships in a technically complex environment to achieve continuous improvement under a NEC3 contract."

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