Hadleigh Park Path

Hadleigh Park

Value: £5.2m
Contracts used: NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract, Option A: Priced contract with activity schedule
Start/finish: 06 January 2014 – 31 March 2015


  • Essex County Council, Pick Everard


This project aimed to capitalise on the opportunities presented by the London 2012 Olympics, creating a legacy that improves quality of life for visitors.

Although not fully operational until Easter 2015, Hadleigh Park has been successful already, achieving all objectives through events and interest from local communities. Attractions, including a mountain bike course and network of trails for walking, running and horse riding have promoted participation in sport. Visitors will benefit from an educational experience during their time at Hadleigh Park; designs have maximised the site’s natural and historic beauty.

A sustainable vision will be achieved that sees community members continuing to benefit from Hadleigh Park’s facilities for the foreseeable future, with gross added value from increased visitor numbers and corresponding local economic growth expected to exceed project costs. The works hope to achieve a threefold boost in visitors, engaging 400,000 community members a year.


  • Pick Everard as NEC3 project manager instilled pro-active project management techniques, focusing on mitigating risks collaboratively. This encouraged use of early warnings to highlight issues affecting cost, completion date and performance without the precursor that any early warning raised would become a compensation event.
  • Hazardous material found within a pit in an existing building that was being demolished – when found by the contractor’s demolition team, Morgan Sindall notified Pick Everard. Within 2 days a meeting was arranged on site with the contractor, client and Pick Everard the PM/QS and a resolution was agreed that day so that it didn’t impact on programme.  A PMI was raised to deal with the change in the Works Information.
  • Badger setts found within the construction zone – upon finding these new badger setts, Pick Everard the Project Manager, engaged ecologists to implement the legal relocation of these setts. While this was being undertaken Morgan Sindall re-sequenced the works to avoid delays on the Completion date.
  • Carpark construction details reviewed – although a design and build contract Morgan Sindall proposed an alternative carpark construction which realised savings financially and improved the timelines. The alternative design solution was accepted by the client, Essex County Council, and Pick Everard raised a PMI to change the Works Information to the alternative design solution.
  • Requirement to maintain access to public toilets during the construction works – as a project team the client, Essex County Council, Pick Everard and Morgan Sindall reviewed the requirement to maintain the existing public toilet provision while refurbishing the existing toilet block. After a number of collaborative meetings an innovative solution of providing new shower blocks fabricated off site and located in an alternative position resulted in a far superior end product with only a little financial input, adding value to the stakeholders’ usable facility.
  • Pick Everard, Morgan Sindall and Essex County Council held regular programme meetings to deal with order and timing of operations. Pick Everard and Essex County Council also required Morgan Sindall to show provision for float and time risk allowances in their programme. 


"Great use of the NEC clause 10.1 principles to overcome all sorts of issues, including the hazardous materials and unwanted badgers! Focus on solutions providing mutual benefits.


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