Kennington Park One O’clock Club and Adventure Playground

Kennington Park
Value:  £1.3m
Contracts used: NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract, Option A: Priced contract with activity schedule
Start/finish: January 2014 – August 2014


  • Client: London Borough of Lambeth
  • Main Contractor: Kier
  • Project Manager: Artelia
  • Building Contractor: JSP Construction
  • Playground Contractor: Kompan
  • Off Site Build-Contractor: EBS Elk
  • Architect (To RIBA Stage 3): Erect Architecture


Kennington Park One O’clock Club and Adventure Playground, was delivered for the London Borough of Lambeth. The £1.27m project is part of a larger residential re-development scheme taking place near Kennington Park, Lambeth. 

The project formed part of a land swap with L&Q who are currently undertaking a residential development in the area.  This project was delivered in order to maintain the facility for the community. The project was delivered via a negotiated Design and Build scheme using the NEC contract and procured through the SCAPE Minor Works Framework (this being a collaborative framework). The contract covered all the elements of the project from the groundworks, to the fit out furniture and everything in between.

The works consisted of 3 main elements - landscaping, an adventure playground space and a One O’Clock Club space. The project required regular liaison with L&Q Housing who were completing a development next door, which provided the only road access to the site.


  • The project was procured through the SCAPE Minor Works Framework with Kier. Lambeth wanted early engagement with a contractor to ensure a defined cost and ensure engagement to deliver the scheme and buy into the project and its objectives. A project order form under the SCAPE framework was utilised to engage with Kier to finish the design and fix the costs. Once the costs were agreed the full NEC Option A contract was raised.  Kier had not tendered the main playground works so this was listed as a client risk item (which was approximate 20% of the total budget at £250,000). Both parties bought into this element of the works and committed to working together to ensure the end product met the clients brief and budget. This showed an ongoing commitment of both parties to work together throughout the contract collaboratively.
  • As the works progressed on site, there were fortnightly meetings chaired by Artelia, attended by Lambeth, Artelia, Kier and key sub-contractors. At these meetings records were made of design decisions taken and change to the contract.  The risk register was also regularly reviewed.  These meetings formed a workshop where each party could co-operatively work through any issues on the project.
  • Another element of collaboration was that Lambeth demonstrated the fixing of assessment dates for payment.  The Contractor was bound by the terms of the sub-contract to make a payment to the modular build contractor upon delivery of the building to site. 
  • An adhoc assessment date was added to the programme to allow the Project Manager to certify the value of the on-site materials relating to the modular build outside of the monthly assessment dates.
  • In addition, no retention was held for defects which showed faith on behalf of Lambeth of Kier delivering a good high quality product.
  • The project had a 2 stage handover; firstly the building, and then secondly the playground at a later date. The playground was completed behind programme, but the contractor was very open as to when they would be on-site, working closely with Lambeth to deliver.  

After completion, Kier carried out some additional after-care works.  As a result of this project Kier and Lambeth now have a good on-going relationship and have started to work together on other projects. 


"Good use of the NEC on a small project, resulting in a trusting relationship and then onto further work. A reciprocal approach of fair payment and fair payment claims was established.

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