Beanfield and Gretton
Primary School

NEC3 contracts/options used: NEC3 Short Contract
Start/finish date:
Start: 27th July 2015
Completion Date: 24th September 2015
Main project team members
The Employer is:
Brooke Weston Trust, Coomb Road
The Project Manager is:
Pick Everard
The Supervisor is:
Pick Everard
The Contractor is:
Jeakins Weir Ltd.
Scope and significances 
The works are:
Beanfield Primary School:
Refurbishment of a prefabricated classroom and toilet block as well as converting an existing classroom within the main school building into a fully fitted commercial kitchen. 
Gretton Primary School:
Relocating the creative studio to a smaller classroom, allowing for a year 6 class to utilise a room of suitable size for their class numbers and replacing damaged suspended ceiling tiles in an adjacent classroom. An external storage facility was also re-roofed.
Milestone Activity
Agree scope of works and contract sum 15 July 2015
Start on Site 27 July 2015
Works at Gretton PS complete 4 September 2015
Kitchen Installation Beanfield PS   31 August 2015
Completion 24 September 2015
Target Price: £265,630.00
Significances of Project:
Pick Everard were employed as Project Manager/Cost Consultants. The appointment came only 4 weeks prior to work was due to start on site, with all contract documents still to be produced, priced and agreed. It was understood that this was a tight programme/budget & high risk politically should project fail but we had faith in our ability to deliver project with effective Project Management and a collaborative working approach.
There is little flexibility within the construction programme to accommodate delays. The Trust had no option for temporary classrooms at Gretton Primary School, should the works have been delayed with over 500 children relying on the new kitchen it could not afford to be late.
With children due back at school on the 7 September 2015 the need for works to complete on time was paramount.
The Trust had been using a regeneration style kitchen to provide food for the children but required another commercial kitchen within the group to cater for expanding numbers within the Trust.
The Client wanted to install decking to the front of the prefabricated classroom block; however lead-in times meant that Pick Everard advised the trust to carry out the works at a later date, outside of this contract. 
Please detail how you demonstrated collaboration on your project with particular focus on clause 10.1. No more than 500 words please
It was agreed that a collaborative and compliant management system was standardised by all parties across the project. As Pick Everard have a wealth of experience within NEC3 Project Management their preferred contract management solutions, Sypro NEC3 was rolled out across the project. The implementation of Sypro gave all team members immediate access to any risks/events raised and the platform for prompt actions to respond to risks which may impact on the delivery.
Risks were identified pre-contract and agreed with the contractor who managed each risk and the mitigation associated. Any events with time or cost impact were raised as early warning notices (EWN’s) on Sypro and reviewed initially by conference calls then EWN/risk mitigation meetings if necessary attended by the Contractor, Project Manager and Client.
Significant events occurred during the project which had impact on time & cost. Early notification, collaborative discussion, decision & re-programming had enabled project delays to be minimised & still achieve target completion dates.  Example issues:
1. Asbestos was found within disused underfloor ductwork at Beanfield during excavations to install the kitchen drainage routes. A risk mitigation conference call was held immediately & Pick Everard sourced an approved removal company to carry out the works. Due to the amount/type discovered the mandatory 2 week notice period had to be served. However Pick Everard suggested that the trades were redistributed within the project to ensure progress was made elsewhere.  Asbestos was found on two more occasions during the drainage construction. By advising the client that the remaining drainage construction needed to be completed out of working hours it enabled multiple trades to occupy the same area during each 24 hour period. 
2. During the refurbishment of the prefabricated classroom Jeakins Weir discovered a rotten wall, filled with thousands of ants. The removal of this wall, irradiation of the ants caused a small delay to this section of the programme, something that we could not afford, with the building required to host a preschool club on September 4th 2015 onwards. To address this issue, we agreed with Jeakins Weir to accept sectional completion of two classrooms and the entrance area to allow for construction of the wall to continue and the preschool club to run smoothly.
The Project team were insistent that the contractual process was administered correctly. With this, decisions were made promptly & formalised with issue of Project Manager Instructions (PMI), acceptance or notification of Compensation Events (CE), review & agreement of CE quotations & issues of programme. A very through and collaborative open book transparent approach was adopted, with the ability/commitment to make decisions. This is what contribution to the success of the project.
47 early warnings, 36 PMI’s and 34 compensation events were raised during the 9 week programme. All early warnings were closed and all CE’s agreed the day before handover on 24th September. Final Account agreed and project handed over on time! 
Defects were identified as sections of works were completed & the result was only one defect at handover.

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