NEC Contractor of the Year 2017 finalist: Paul Y Construction 

Name of Project: Re-provisioning of Kennedy Town Swimming Pool (Phase 2)

Value:  HK$671 Million (approx. £60 Million)

NEC3 contracts/options used: ECC Option A

Start-finish dates: September 2014 – October 2016

Main project team members:   
i) Employer: MTR Corporation Limited
ii) Contractor: Paul Y. Construction Company, Limited
iii) Project Manager: Project Manager of MTR Corporation Limited
iv) Supervisor: Senior Design Management Engineer of MTR Corporation Limited

Project scope: 
In October 2007, MTR were requested by Hong Kong Government to construct the West Island Line (WIL) to serve the community in the western part of the Hong Kong Island. To make way for the Kennedy Town Station of WIL, MTR were required to demolish an existing community swimming pool and to re-provide a new swimming pool (the Kennedy Town Swimming Pool) for the community at another location within the same district at a total cost of approximately HK$900 Million (approx. £80 Million).
Comprising two outdoor pools, an indoor multi-purpose pool, Jacuzzis and a filtration plant, the new swimming pool leisure complex was planned to be completed in two phases to cope with the WIL construction need. Phase 1 commenced on 14 July 2009 and was completed on time on 14 March 2011. Phase 2 commenced on 1 September 2014 as planned and was early completed on 18 October 2016. Contractor successfully received a 17 days early completion bonus. Phase 1 is required to remain operational during Phase 2 construction, except when essential tie-in activities are carried out in Phase 2.
Paul Y Construction Co. Ltd. is the contractor for both phases.
Phase 1 of the Kennedy Town Swimming Pool was awarded to Paul Y for construction on 14 July 2009. MTR adopted its own form of contract which is a conventional lump sum type.
For Phase 2, MTRC sought to build on this success by adopting a more contractually binding form of partnering by adopting NEC to evaluate how it compared to the contract adopted for Phase 1, with a view to promoting further use of NEC in Hong Kong if it was demonstrated to be effective in delivery for all parties.
MTR awarded the Phase 2 contract to Paul Y for construction on 1 September 2014. Albeit a long established construction company in Hong Kong with almost 70 years of experience, Paul Y is also a “greenhorn” in NEC contracts.
Under NEC contract, the contractor strictly work with client and consultant collaboratively to implement NEC workflow in their construction and document management system. Phase 2 project finally has achieved 17 days early completion under a contract period of 26 months which has allowed Government to open the pool to the public for early enjoyment of this indoor pool facility.

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