NEC Awards 2018

See below the list of winners and highly commended projects by category: 
NEC Project of the Year     NEC Client of the Year  
Signature Project Scheme in Sha Tin – Decking of Tai Wai Nullah in Sha Tin and Revitalisation of Shing Mun River Promenade near Sha Tin Town Centre, Hong Kong     Midlands Highway Alliance, United Kingdom  
Emergency Care Pathways at St Thomas’ Hospital, United Kingdom     Southern Regional College, Northern Ireland WINNER  
Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom, Foxton, New Zealand WINNER     Connect Plus, United Kingdom  
NEC Contractor of the Year     NEC contract innovation through additional clauses  
Hargreaves Industrial Services (HK) Limited, Hong Kong WINNER     Sellafield Ltd, United Kingdom WINNER  
Logan Construction, United Kingdom     Generation Business Group / CLP Power Hong Kong Limited  
Wang Kee Construction Co., Ltd, Hong Kong      Development Bureau and Works Departments, Hong Kong SAR Government  

The finalists 

Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom, Foxton, New Zealand
Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom was a project realised after 10 years of sustained effort in the partnership of Horowhenua District Council, Te Taitoa Māori o Te Awahou and the Dutch Connection Museum Trust. It provided a place for the people of Foxton and beyond to gather, enjoy and learn. In April 2016 a report was prepared that considered five criteria for selection of a contract. One of these criteria was collaboration – motivating the parties to work together. Another was transparency – achieving open book assurance of fair value. A weighted scoring of potential contract forms showed that NEC3 ECC Option C was the most suitable for this project.
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Signature Project Scheme in Sha Tin – Decking of Tai Wai Nullah in Sha Tin and Revitalisation of Shing Mun River Promenade near Sha Tin Town Centre - Hong Kong
The Signature Project Scheme in Sha Tin District comprises two projects: the Decking of Tai Wai Nullah and Revitalisation of Shing Mun River Promenade. The objectives of the projects are to create space to support the sustainable development of Sha Tin District, to highlight and enhance the key features of the district, and to showcase the history and uniqueness of the local community.
Although the projects are full of challenges and risks, they have been overcome through strong spirit of mutual trust and cooperation amongst the members of the project team, and the execution of the projects is by far a true success.
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Emergency Care Pathways at St Thomas’ Hospital, United Kingdom
St Thomas’ Hospital has one of the busiest A&E Departments in the UK. The Emergency Pathways project involved the remodelling and refurbishment of the entire A&E department, completed under a multi-phased strategy and NEC contract and all whilst the A&E continued to operate as normal throughout. The scheme was valued at £19m and took just over 3 years to complete. Prior to commencing works, the department was in desperate need of updating and reconfiguration to enable staff to deliver the required levels of care. 
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Southern Regional College, Northern Ireland
Image-1.png The Southern Regional College was granted the approval for the design and build of three new campus projects at Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon to ‘provide a fit for purpose accommodation to enable the delivery of training provision and further and higher education in a manner which is attractive to students, creates an effective modern learning environment and supports the efficient operation of the college both now and in the future’. A single Integrated Consultant Team appointment was made to deliver the 3 new campuses at BIM Level 2 (instigating it ahead of the government mandate) using the NEC3 PSC with Option A. 
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Midlands Highway Alliance, United Kingdom
The scope of the MHA framework includes a wide range of municipal engineering projects each typically worth between £2 million and £10 million. The total value of work awarded through MSF2 is over £200 million to date. Since the launch of MSF2 in June 2014, 13 member authorities have used the framework. Eight of these are regular clients who together with all five contractors form the core of the very active Framework Community Board (FWCB).
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Connect Plus, United Kingdom
  Connect Plus are responsible for the maintaining the M25 network on behalf of Highways England, including sections of the M1, M3, M4, M11, A1 and the Dartford Crossing until 2039. In 2017 Connect Plus completed the procurement of a 6+4+2 year framework with four contractors to deliver lifecycle renewals works and work as part of a the wider asset management team. Connect Plus are requirement to maintain a variety of assets with a wide range of characteristics and challenges, some of which are significantly older than the M25, whilst all the time the network is being developed and upgraded, all the time whilst being ‘invisible’ to the road user.
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Hargreaves Industrial Services (HK) Limited, Hong Kong
hargreaves.png The scope of work centres on the maintenance of Asset Systems at 2 co-located Coal Power Plants in the New Territories in Hong Kong; namely Castle Peak A and Castle Peak B Power Stations. The Asset systems include Ash and Dust Handling, Coal Stockyard and Conveyors, Ship Unloaders, Mobile Plant, Water Collection and Conservation, FGD Absorber and Balance of Plant, Gypsum systems. 
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Wang Kee Construction Co., Ltd, Hong Kong 
  The scope of this project comprises a covered four-span footbridge system; six lifts, four escalators, two staircases, in addition to three direct connections linking of the proposed footbridge system with future adjacent developments; associated road works and ancillary works; and necessary environmental mitigation measures.
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Logan Construction, United Kingdom
Logan has undertaken a variety of projects in the healthcare and R&D sector that are often very complex in nature. Many of these projects are undertaken in live environments, involve phasing, and have unknowns and risk factors.  
They have found that working with an NEC contract on these projects allows them to partner with their project teams and clients to efficiently and effectively solve the problems that these schemes often bring to the fore. 
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Development Bureau and Works Departments, Hong Kong SAR Government
Sharing-Session-for-Promotion-of-Collaborative-Partnership-in-Hong-Kong.JPG While NEC PSC consultancies in Hong Kong would normally adopt Option A or C  for design and construction consultancy services, consultants would be reimbursed for actual payment of salaries and fringe benefits of Resident Site Staff and other related expenses under the Resident Site Staff Scheme to promote equitable risk sharing between the clients and consultants for site supervision costs to ensure the quality construction supervision and management. This reimbursement operation would be similar to NEC PSC Option E. To take forward the Resident Site Staff Scheme, additional conditions of contract clauses bridging the hybrid approaches have been introduced to NEC PSC consultancies in Hong Kong.
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Generation Business Group / CLP Power Hong Kong Limited
Generation Business Group (GBG) of CLP is responsible for the operation of all power generation facilities.There are seven Generation Auxiliaries Systems Integrated Maintenance Services Contracts under NEC3. These contracts play critical role in the reliability of generation plants which affect the electricity supply reliability of Hong Kong. Option X20 Key Performance Indicators is adopted for the contracts with Z clause as additional clause. The annual overall KPI scores are linked with the Clause 53 The contractor’s share under Option C. With this innovative use of KPIs and pain/gain sharing mechanism, evidences show that NEC outperforms other forms on contract in aspect of safety, plant performance as well as cost management.
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Sellafield Ltd, United Kingdom
Today Sellafield Ltd is faced with the challenge of cleaning up the legacy of the site’s early operations, including some of the most hazardous nuclear facilities in Europe. Decommissioning the site will take more than 100 years.
One key initiative is to use an Outcome Based Contracting (OBC) approach for the delivery of remediation works at Sellafield. The remediation of Pile 1 East Blower House was selected as the pilot project for OBC which is being delivered using the NEC3 ECC Option A with as few amendments as possible to achieve an outcome based contract, with payments made on the achievement of Outcomes. 
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